Draven Reviews: The Perfect Personality Test by Paul Draper and Jamie Salines

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  1. The Perfect Personality Test by Paul Draper and Jamie Salines

    Five questions... Psychological tie ins, a little dabbling with the Hero's Journey, and two master entertainers combine to give the community one of the most entertaining Personality Tests I've ever seen. The Perfect Personality Test, available now on Penguin Magic is a powerhouse of a worker based on over ten years of trial and error by two leading magician mentalists and is an absolute must have for anyone interested in adding a little extra psychological punch to their show.

    Covid-19 sucks. People are stuck inside, and internet magic is wondering into a new and exciting era. Gone are the days of working for live audiences and, for now at least, we're exploring new horizons on social media platforms and Zoom. When performing magic we all know that some of the most powerful pieces are the ones done in the spectators hands. As a mentalist, we know that one of the most powerful presentations is that of mind reading because no other space is more sacred, protected, and special to the spectator than the recesses of their own mind. So how perfect of a routine could you want than something that packs onto a clip board, can be played out for multiple people, at any distance, and devastate with a very invasive personal touch? This download is worth its weight in gold and I'm absolutely excited that Paul and Jamie have decided to release this to the general public. It's rare that someone gives so freely material that is from their personal arsenal like this.

    The download is packed with information. You get several readings from actual participants to watch and reference, a crib sheet to print out and give you a quick glance reference guide to the questions you'll ask, and a advertising document you can insert your personal information into to promote and book your next personality reading session. Wait... a product that actually encourages you to use it to profit from its use? The damn thing pays for itself! Oh yes, and the meat and potatoes portion is an hour and half tutorial video where Paul and Jamie take you through the entire processes making it as painless as it can be.

    So is this product for me? Well, if you're a mentalist then you probably should have a copy. If you're not a mentalist then this is a hell of a good break from the usual cards and coins that probably make up a good solid chunk of your existing repertoire. If you're not doing some kind of personality test in your show, can I ask you a question? Why not!? This routine can stand by itself, this routine can serve as a primer to something else, it can be short, or if you know how to milk it can fill any length of time you desire. So few products offer this much versatility in how it plays and delivers this kind of impact. This routine could be done on stage, up close, in a bizarre setting, or even on online shows with maximum efficiency. The routine has a nice little sheet you can print out and use, but I'm willing to bet a pocket sized notepad and golf pencil could be used to the same effect if space and desire permitted. So where can you perform it? EVERYWHERE! Conventions, Psychic Fairs, State Fairs, Carnivals, Corporate events, Restaurants, Online Streaming, anywhere!

    Is it affordable? I think this is one of the best selling points of the product. It's only about $25 bucks USD! It's super affordable for what you get with it.

    This product is a solid 10 out of 10. The teaching is top notch, easy to follow and being a download no clutter of DVD's boxes, etc. The additional stuff you get is a blessing, and the learning curve on this system isn't that harsh. You can easily pick it up with confidence after a little time studying. Where can you get this? Penguin magic! Check out the link here, https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/13784 and happy readings!

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