Drawing Duplication "Prediction"

Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
Hey guys. I've been doing drawing duplications (DD) for some time now, and it's one of my favorite pieces of mentalism. However, I've only done DD where a spectator draws something first, and then I manage to draw the same thing. Lately I've seen couple of video clips where a performer draws something first, and then the spectator draws something, and it matches.
So does anyone know any good methods (apart from hypnotizing the spectator before the show and telling them what to draw) for DD where I draw my prediction before the spectator draws anything? Btw I'm pretty sure there were no switches of any kind.
Nov 8, 2007
Emir, I messaged you a couple sources on Facebook on where to find what you're looking for. Hope all is well with you, man. :)
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