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  1. I need help. I'm looking for a strong, ungimmicked, back to back, drawing duplication. I've tried thinking of a method but i cant come up with one. iv made up one with billets, but you don't draw at the same time, and that's something that i would really like (like telepathy). So if anyone could direct me to a product, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Use a mirror system.

    / zi^/^iz \

    The backslashes represent the mirrors. the ^/^ means the mirror is on the ceiling (as are the others), not between you two. i = person, z= drawing pad.

    This is semi-serious. Lol.
  3. Caleb Strange, in his book Garden of the Strange, has a drawing duplication that's done by an audience member. Someone selects a picture from a book (though there's numerous ways to have them select and imagine this image), and the audience member is able to replicate it through free-drawing.

    There's also an effect that's more of a straightforward drawing duplication: someone draws a simple picture, and you can either draw it as well, or name it out loud. It's a wide ranged principle - he shows how to do it with pad and paper, sparklers in the air, a metal wand and a bowl of water, etc.

    Both rely on either sleights or audience control, and require only the slightest of setup (slight as in, if you're presenting pads and paper to the audience anyway, you'll be set to go!)

    (Although it's important to note that Caleb's work is a bit ambitious, and certainly not for everyone. He thinks on a much grander scale than the average magician.)
  4. Just wondering, why must it be ungimmicked?


  5. because, well... idk. i just dont like gimmicks, but i guess if you have a gimmicked suggestion, go right ahed
  6. Two words: Universal Impression. Best drawing duplication system that I've used and I highly recommend it. That's of course if you're willing to step beyond your "no gimmick" boundary.
  7. I cannot stress how much I love this effect.
    Very versatile and has many applications and ideas.
    Love it.

    @LOSTMYMIND, I suggest that you look into this effect, which is available through papercranemagic.
  8. ill try it out
  9. Looch has an image duplication system in his SAD book.

    Richard Osterlind has if i can recall 2 image duplications in his Mind mysteries series or easy to master mental miracles series.

    Banachek also has a couple on his PSI series.

  10. Looch's influencer is an amazing twist on the D.D.
    Spelmann's Transmission is quite amazing with a multiple DD.
    If you want something that is a real time try something like Osterlind's O.D.D.S.
    However far and away the best DD for and situation is Sneak Thief, because it builds with a logical order and the Design dupe is not even thought of until the last second.
    Some nice variations on include Looch's and Andy Nyman's one is amazing because of the psychology that he employs in it.

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