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  1. This is a book by Guy Hollingworth(sp?).
    To be honest, I only want this for his infamous effect called "Waving the Aces [ll]" and that is just what I basically know about the book.
    I was just wondering if there are any eye candy effects like Waving the Aces in the book?
    I just want some motivation to actually purchase this book not because of just one trick.

  2. This book teaches The Reformation, Guy's phenomenal torn and restored card.
    As well, he has some incredible routines and ideas based around the move for Waving the Aces.

    For advanced card magic, it is one of my favourite books. He has some out side the box thinking for a signed card at truly any number. A card is shown and signed. The signed card is shown to the audience, so everyone can verify it later. It is lost in the deck. The deck is spread out face down, and any number is counted to, in either direction, by a spectator, and that card is shown to be the same signed selection. Te spectator can keep their signed card, etc.

    This routine is really one of the highlights on some very creative thinking he has on one thing in particular. However, it is not even the highlight of the book.
  3. Keep in mind, you must be prepared to put in quite a bit of effort for a lot of the effects in the book. Sure, it's not Marlo WITH tears, but still some advanced work.
  4. This is one of my most precious books. Waving the Aces II is good, but some of the other stuff in the book completely blows it away.

    All of the routines are well thought out table card magic. Some of the effects require that you slightly larger hands, which I don't, but I've been able to modify anything I can't do.

    The book is phenomenal and I suggest you pick it up.

  5. Thanks guys.
  6. very nice sharing dude. my pleasure to have this
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    Guy's book is definitely worth the money. You must be willing to practice a lot though because this is advanced material.
    I highly recommend it. My favorite effect in the book is his gambling routine that has a powerful ending with putting the entire pack back in new deck order! Guy told me that he fooled people like Martin Nash with this when he first performed it many years ago at the magic castle!
    If you like visual effects also go check out Bill Goodwin's magic ( he is a Larry Jenning's protege ). PM me if you want more suggestions.

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