Dream Trick: A Trick you Wish were Real

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sergey, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Well, as the title says, what would be your dream trick, like one that you dream would be impossible to do, in real life. But it can only be done in your imagination.

    Mine would be an impromptu Distortion or Brainwave deck.
    and a coin that has it's engravings slowly fade away, as if engravings slowly flatten to trhe same level as the coin

    PS: This might be inspirational for one's own trick creation!
  2. Im not really sure I want to post up mine.. people might steal my ideas :p
  3. A face up visual here then there, impromptu. That for me would be the perfect close-up trick.

    - Sean
  4. I would like to be able to fly into my school and land in my registration class to raptious applause,be haled as a living legend and be worshiped as a God.
    Not to much to ask for then is it?
  5. Mine might not be impossible. I'm sure if I thought about this long enough, I could do it. Mine would be the cleanest deck appearence. One with no gimmicks and looked convincing. Sleeves rolled up. =P
  6. one that i saw on an episode of house md, amazinggg tv show

    a card through window, but what the spectator sees is the wrong card, but its on our side of the window
    they peel it off and say wronggg, only to reveal thier card on the other side
  7. That would be possible.

    Mine might be a Coin Through Table, but you'd see the coin halfway in, like this:

  8. Mine would have to be the cleanest impromtu levitation ever, one tht the spectators can see under your feet and all around. But you guys never know, with Criss Angels camera editing we might get to see all of our dream tricks.
  9. as it just so happens, this is how i create my effects... i think to my self, what would be the coolest thing to see someone do?

    then i figure out how to do it...

    and i think that ever trick you guys listed could be done with enough thought and unorthodox thought at that, but alot of thought.
  10. by the way... the one that im currently working on goes like this...

    you ask a spectator of they are able to look at the sun, and they try and it hurts their eyes or whatever, and you tell them to watch for just a second, you move your hands up so that your hands are blocking the sun from their eyes, and as you spread your hands apart, the sun is gone... then you put your hands back together, and open your hands again and the sun is back...
  11. My Dream Magic "Trick" would be changing Cards like the famous Daniel Madison Change does...but without ANY slight of hand or gimmicks...just take a card...let the magic happen and the card changes.

    This would give you unbelievable possibilities ..... i don´t even want to dream about this ^^
  12. These aren't impossible, but they would be cool to know:

    1. Have the spectator choose a card and after remembering it, they place it back into the center of the deck. Then the magician takes the deck and places it into the card box and throws it at a window. The whole deck penetrates the window except one card stays on this side of the window by penetrating the card box, and bouncing off the window. The spectator can pick up the one remaining card and see that it is their card. The magician can then walk to the other side of the window and bring the deck back to be examined by the spectator.

    Wow... I typed up another effect here but I decided not to leave it here because it is a really cool effect and I just thought of a method for it. I cut it out and made a Word Document for it. I'm going to go work on my idea now. Thanks Kaiarz, for starting this thread. It helped me come across a cool idea.
  13. LOL ,SO true :), the Criss A. part.

    And Arcangel, this is not about some effect that you made up, and you are working on the method, it's about an effect that you know can't be possibly done, unless with real magic, but you wish you could do it.

    BTW Another one that I put a lot of though into is a CArd to Pocket with the card ending up in the spec's pocket, you never touch them, and they pull it out themselves, although I just thought that you could do it with a friend pretending to be spec and he can do it for you, but what I mean is no friends totally impromptu, I wouldn't mind a setup or gimmick, just as long as you never touch the spec, nor do you have any inside men (I forgot what they are called in magic so I used the action movie version, movie vers. with cops would be dirty cop: dirty Spec haha)
  14. Pretty much, I'd like the Force.
    Be able to manipulate objects at a distance, influence peoples minds, I know it'd make forcing alot easier...
  15. Torn and Restorn.... IN THERE HANDS. They connect all the pieces together themselves.

    Hm.... i should get to work on making that a reality.
  16. The Torn and Restored by the spectator is awesome, that would be cool.

    Also, if I could have a deck levitation where the deck could go anywhere, and it could cut itself and reveal the spectator's card, that would be cool.

    Maybe a Coins Across routine where they can actually see the coin disintegrate.

  17. Agreed on the levitation thing. I always dreamed of levitating high up in the sky. How great would that be?

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