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  1. This is kind-of two threads in one.

    1) What is a good way to Present the normal old shirt change, without any application. You can't just walk up to some one and say "Hey, look at my shirt" then change it.

    2)What are some presentation ideas for Dress Code? (you knew someone was going to post a thread on this.) I tried to come up with some but I can't think of anything with the shirt I have.

    Thanks for your time,
  2. How about you buy a completely white shirt, two of them, and think of them as two blank face playing cards. And any effect involving a color change, you can now do. Just draw or write whatever you want on the shirts, and off you go.
  3. Calen has one in the preview where she thinks of a name and all the other names fall leaving the name they thought of as the only one that isn't at the bottom of the shirt.

    I have an idea to change a white shirt into a class of 2011 shirt.

    You could use DRESSCODE to reveal virtually anything so long as you can get it on a shirt
  4. Thanks, I could do a rising card trick with the shirt.
  5. I had to stop myself...seeing as I might buy dresscode, I kind of want to keep some of my ideas to myself (I'm sure someone else will think of one of them).

    Maybe have a shirt that doesn't really match the button up/jacket and say something like "I was in a rush this morning, this definitely doesn't match...hold on..."

    Maybe get the shirt embroidered on, but have the word or whatever misspelled, and then fix it!

    Just a few extra ideas I guess.
  6. Maybe, if you're in a restaurant or something, you could have a stain on your shirt and then change into a new/ clean shirt. Make sure the stain is big enough so everyone can see it.
  7. magicians force common high schools colleges sodas brands thats gotta b the best idea he did it with soda
  8. ...what? Could you please use some grammar?
  9. Force a brand on someone (Coke, Pepsi, etc...) and have the wrong shirt on and change it...or change a plain one into the right one...also done with the other things he mentioned (colleges, high schools, etc).
  10. Thanks.

    [word count]
  11. Wear an inappropriate shirt to school and when they say something, apologize and change it really quick lol
  12. my favorite idea for this is do a number force. very similar to the name change thing. just a number force. have a ton of numbers all over the shirt and then drop all but like 1089 all spread out across it.

    i like the rising card.

    it also would make a great card revelation.

    you could do something where spongeballs change colors and also change you're shirts color along with it. like have on a white t-shirt pull a red sponge out of your pocket. mess around do your normal 1 color sponge routine. then when you make them disappear. get to the point where your hands are clean, and then do dress code while smacking the hand that supposedly holds the sponge against your chest. needs tweaking. but it really works if you produce the sponge off of somebody else's shirt. then slap it onto your shirt.

    i'm definitely going to have to get this trick, its so organic and so easy to throw out for any situation, it doesn't carry that "here let me find my sentinals and warm my hands up real quick, ok now i'll do three dribbles, one fan and a spring... and CHOOSE A CARD!" feel. i really really like this effect.
  13. I don't own any inappropriate shirts.. but I want to go out and buy one, just to do this.
  14. Which ever direction you go you must 'Motivate' the 'Unmotivated' facing away to do the change. and you have to have reason for that in your presentation..

  15. it's not really 'Organic' it uses your shirt's.. it can't be done on an 'off beat' because you have to be facing away when doing the change... and not for any situation because of the angles needed

    if you perform like that then i'm sorry...

  16. yeah, my word choice probably wasn't the best. but you get my point.

    not quite like that, but close enough that it needs work.

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