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  1. I recently received Dresscode by Calen Morelli, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas or applications for the effect other than what was shared on the DVD. Thanks so much, Cheers!
  2. Do the change midair while doing a backflip on a trampoline like Justin Flom!
  3. Sounds good to me!
  4. Any time you want to come up with creative uses for a gimmick, it helps to dissociate the gimmick with its stated purpose.

    Look at it abstractly.

    What does this gimmick do, outside of the purpose given in the video? I can't get specific due to exposure, but it shouldn't be too much a stretch to realize you could use it as a holdout for various props which could be produced later, for example.
  5. You can force the spectator to think of a certain band or artist and change into that band t shirt. Or Maybe Draw a Wrong Prediction on the shirt and then do the dresscode change to reveal the right prediction. Stop the spectator and tell them your on your way to a date and if they knew anyway to get this stain out of your shirt, then change it to a clean shirt. Just think for a little im sure you will come up with tons of great uses
  6. Have a spectator pick card keep in mind the card will be forced to draw a bunch of random cards including the force to card then make each of those cards disappear from the shirt except the forced card make sure to have the card in the same place as it was on the gimmick shirt hope u like it i dont think this is original at all but I think it's cool have fun

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