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  1. Drop - The Visual Downward Elevator Effect by Chris Lafferty

    'Drop' is Chris' unique twist on the classic plot.

    A freely selected signed card, is out-jogged face-up, and placed one card down from the top. Slowly, with just a slight shaking of the deck, the card is seen to sink lower, and lower, and lower. The performer asks the spectator to hold out a hand, and he places the deck, still with the selection out-jogged, onto her palm. He riffles up the side of the deck, and just as simply as that, shows that the selection has melted right through, now sitting on the spectator’s palm!

    'Drop' is completely impromptu, highly visual, and simple!

    What Chris has done here is take a fundamental move in magic and used it in a very creative way.

    Although, a little knacky at first, with a few hours of practice you should have this down. Also, if you have been in magic for a few months, you will most likely be able to perform this.

    Brian teaches this effect with intricate detail; from the various angles to the beauty of 'Drop'.

    The advantage of 'Drop' is its simplicity; it can be incorporated in your ACR or can be performed as a stand-alone effect, either way, the effect is visually stunning.

    I would also like to add that the drop can be done slowly or quickly, but 'Drop', will differ in looks depending on your handling.

    An A+ from me...Definitely went straight in my arsenal.

  2. is it really that good?
    looks a little sketchy in the demo.
    It looks very "movey" even to spectators.
    Hows the sounds of the move?
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    In my opinion, yes, it's good.

    Like I said in my review, the effect will look different depending on your handling.

    What works for me, may not work for everybody.
  4. In my opinion, it looks like Chad Nelson's Freefall, just a bit less clean.
  5. It might seem "movey" because of the added shake I put in it. To be clear, NO movement is needed. Also, as some have speculated, this is not a pass. Sound on this is minimal, even completely gone with practice.

    I will add into the demo a slow version of Drop.

    I can tell you this is not like Freefall. Drop is a much simpler sleight, and much more common. Most card magicians should already know it, and again, not the pass.
  6. Using a Herman Pass for this plot isn't an original idea...I've seen dozens of magicians play with this same thing...
  7. This DOES NOT use a Pass at all!
  8. What are you talking about?
    This doesnt use a herman pass
  9. Yeah, I can see how that's done now, and to be honest, it looks really iffy and not graceful at all. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Each to his own. But I've enjoyed performing this effect.
  11. I think that the move that it uses could be called a pass.
  12. Seeing as I have the effect, it DOES NOT use a pass.
  13. Hmm. To me it looks like a great effect. Theres no way it could use a pass. A herman pass would WORK but it wouldnt acomplish the visual factor of the effect. I like it but something i wont be picking up.

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    It has already been said many times, even by many people, it is not a pass of any kind. Plain and simple. I'm sure you believe you know, but you are incorrect.

    As I said before, you think you know, but are not right. The reviews speak for themselves. It is interesting that the people who question this effect are also the people who do not own the effect.

    Demo videos are not put out there so the effect can be "figured out". It is meant to show as honestly as possible what you are buying.
  15. You´re right.
    It´s not a pass. It´s something even simpler that every begginer in cardistry learns and could IN FACT be called a one handed shift/pass.

    It was actually created with the intention of doing a one handed pass/shift under misdirection and only later was used in cardistry or flourishing.

    I´ve also played with this idea before but I thought it didn´t look good as I think Drop doesn´t look good too.

    In fact, if you compare it to all other rising card effects ( eventhough this is a descending effect) it is probably the one with more angle restrictions and it needs to much cover.

    Not really appealing at all.

    Sorry for any mistakes. English isn´t my primary language.
  16. Again, each to his own.

    You will be restricted to certain angles, but I have not countered these problems.

    Also, althought it's Chris' take on the 'Rising Card', the premise is different; rather then going up, it goes down, but could still be classified as a 'Rising Card'.
  17. Hiya.

    While the move is an established one, it is utilised in a very different way for this effect. Whilst you COULD call the move a pass of sorts, it is only in a very loose form.

    Thje angle restrictions are very few, actually, the deck is in full view for most of the effect. The cover can be very minimal if required (Indeed, when I perform it, it looks as though I square the deck up a little and it's done), or more covered for a more 'mystical' appearance.

    This effect is very visual, very magical, and most of all, very SIMPLE to do, and i've used it to kill both lay and magicians.

    Thanks for the review, I very much appreciate the kind words.

  18. That's what I mean...
  19. The move in question has been irrefutably published multiple times in magic literature as a pass (though not with this specific application). Anyone interested in finding out more can easily do so with a modicum of effort.

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