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  1. It's pretty inevitable, and we all have it happen. You go somewhere and before you know it, SOMEONE is asking you to do some magic. I personally love it, and its rare that I'm not prepared. I went to a cook off last night (a huge one, I think the whole town was there. I literally had to park a mile away and walk there.) Any how, I wasn't even in the place for two minutes (no exaggeration) before somebody was walking up to me asking me to perform.

    Of course, I was prepared. But this brings up a question. I know none of us like to ALWAYS pack our pockets with cards or spongeballs just in case we happen to get asked for some magic. However, not all situations permit you to be able to pick something up and do magic with it. This would be easy to do in a restaurant, but maybe not at the park, or the local pool or places like that.

    So my question to you - what is the minimal amount of "props" you can carry to be able to perform a decent amount of magic on the spot wherever you are?

    For me, I already always carry my wallet, phone, and keys. Besides that, all i need is two pennys, a quarter, a nickel, and a dime, and I can perform quite a bit of quality, entertaining magic to leave them wanting more and leave myself with plenty more to offer later when I have all my props on me!
  2. I am going to be boring and say a deck of cards haha! But I did perform some magic with bottle caps just last night when I had nothing else ;)
  3. I always wear rubber bands on my wrist so I'm set with a good routine there. I wear them always no matter what it's just so convenient not having to reach to your pockets and there great for wearing anywhere any time. I also keep two dollar window 5 and 1 transpo and extreme burn in my wallet at all times.
  4. Borrow three quarters. It's nice not having to carry stuff around.
  5. My issue with this has always been if that someone asks me randomly to perform, I forget all the routines I've ever learned. It's really annoying.
  6. Haha, happened to me quite a few times lol
    Now I only do hypnosis on the spot, if asked to perform. It makes it easier not having to carry anything on you. Although, sometimes I borrow a lighter or have two rubber bands with me. Also, couple of packet tricks are golden in those situations. Pack flat, plays huge. But that's it.
  7. I think everyone's had that problem at some point haha. Doing restaurant work really helps with that, as it makes you remember about 5-10 effects.

    I always have cards and rubberbands on me, I'm getting into coin magic so that'll be going into my set hopefully soon.
  8. I can separate my thumb. Knocks peoples socks off.
  9. For the most part I can do any type of show (even a good 90 minute stage show with nothing.)

    Personally if I am going somewhere to perform I would have some billets a couple of pens a TWU gimmick and possibly a deck of cards. Unfortunately I resort to the deck of cards too often where as the billets are much much more useful
  10. I do that a lot !! but then i have another effect where you "take off your middle finger" then you turn your arm around and it is really vanished I have freaked people out with it, that is my favorite move.
  11. I always keep a deck of cards, an extra pack of cards for dupes/replacements, a sharpie, rubberbands, and maybe some balloons.

    If I go to an even where I know that I'm going to want to do a lot of magic, maybe some promotion for myself, then I'll have some sponge balls, loops, even more cards, maybe an Invisible deck, and some more props.
  12. I used to carry a deck of cards and a couple of coins everywhere I went, but lately I haven't been taking much of anything. I don't know what it is. I'm kinda in a funk right now with wanting to perform. I've got to find that spark to want to perform again soon.

    I get that question quite a bit, even when I don't have anything. Back when I performed a lot, it was fun to be asked that question. But now it gets really annoying and I don't feel like it much anymore. Like I mentioned, I've got to find that spark in wanting to perform again.

    For people who are also in this funk, read the 18 page article on Derek DelGaudio in the newest addition of MAGIC Magazine. Now THAT has sparked a little bit of interest in wanting to perform. It now gives me a reason to. And hopefully, you too. :)
  13. If I go to a place where I'm not planning on doing a lot of tricks then I just bring 1 pack of cards in case things get slow and a card trick would spice stuff up. Anything more just becomes a bit ridiculous. I mean if you start pulling out balloons, several decks of cards, rubber bands, sponge balls, coins and what have you. You turn into this "hey I'll gladly be mr. entertainer at any time". I read in a book by Derren Brown where he talks about it. It just sends bad signals if you start pulling out colored handkerchiefs out of your sleeves etc.
    So if you really want to be mr. entertainer all the time without it being obvious since you carry around 100 things at all times. Use tricks that can use borrowed objects. Doesn't matter if you use gimmicks as long as they are hidden. IMO the magic gets even more real if they are under the impression that you just did that on the fly with no preparation.
  14. I carry around like 4 half dollars and 4 dollar coins. I also usually have some rubber bands on my wrist, and a pack of cards, but I pack pretty light. :)
    If I am REALLY limited on space, I'll just take rubber bands and a couple coins. :)
  15. Casey - I know exactly how you feel. I get that way sometimes. The other night I was out with some friends and they were all doing magic for people, and I didn't do much. Just wasn't feelin' it, if that makes sense. Last night, however, I was in the zone, cracking jokes performing like a madman and everyone was loving it!

    Sometimes, for me, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, too, I get bored with what I'm performing.

    Recently I bought iForce by Greg Rostami. It was three bucks and I don't know why but I have never wanted to go perform a single effect so badly. It's just that awesome and for $3, can't be beat. You should check it out if you have a touch screen smart phone or an iTouch.

    I came up with a routine, using iForce where I jot down a prediction and leave the phone face down on the table. I ask the spectator to pull out any change they have - if they only have one coin, that's fine, we use that and if they have a handfull of change, I let them choose ANY coin. Then, I ask them to flip the coin and either catch it or let it drop onto the ground. When they look at my prediction, it correctly says the coin that they freely chose and whether it lands on heads or tails. Works everytime and as long as I have my phone on me, I can do this on the spot.
  16. Well I'm always set up with heirloom in my wallet, it's a 50/50 that said wallet is a fire one or not. I've usually got a deck of cards, and I've got Greg Wilson's Freakey attached to my key ring. That's really all I need to do most on the spot entertaining. If I KNOW I'm going to be doing something, then I usually set a belly ribbon, or something like that in advance.
  17. To everyone who has mentioned that they forget everything they've learned:

    It's because you haven't thought about your magic.

    Chances are, when you perform, you might perform an ACR, or a 3Fly, or Two Card Monte, Dr. Daley's Last Trick, etc., right?

    But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that none of you who currently have that problem have a "routine" - a set of tricks that have a beginning, middle and end - and most importantly, a theme. Instead, you're going out there and performing "dealer demo" style - showcasing the tricks that you can do, rather than performing magic.

    It's ok - I did this for a long time. But there's your problem. If you correct that, you'll have a go to routine right off the bat. Now, it may be that you will need to change this from time to time, depending on what you perform, who you perform to, and how often. But there it is.

    Incidentally, I rarely carry anything with me. Occasionally, I'll find myself with a pack of cards or an imp pad, but generally I can perform with borrowed objects...
  18. I've gotten into the habit of always having a bent quarter in my pocket with spare change (at least one non-bent quarter). Between this and borrowed objects (or routines that don't need any equipment) is more than enough to entertain for a short period of time.

    If I plan on performing I'll carry a deck of cards and some rubber bands, but overall I don't go out 'prepared'.

    Praetoritevong has some good advice in the above post, building routines is the best way to, not only remember, but get the biggest impact out of your magic. You'll be able to remember more effects by grouping them together than if you just attempt to perform single effects back to back - and by preparing effects that flow together and build upon each other you can generate a bigger reaction from your audience.

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