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Duplex by Kevin Schaller

Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
If you've seen the trick, I'm sure you've noticed that this looks strikingly similar to Patrick Kun's "Surge". So, my question is, is the method similar? Or is it easier/harder? And which one should I get?

Thanks :)
Sep 18, 2011
Hello and thanks for your interest in my effect. : )
Duplex is actually completely different to Surge, it may looks very similar, but the principal is different.
In the tutorial I explain two different handlings and both are very easy to do!

Thank you,

Kevin Schaller
Sep 18, 2011
Hello again,

there are already some great reviews:

"Kevin is a really creative magician and I really love this trick! Easy to do and very powerful."

"Great trick from a great mind! Well done, Kevin."

"Brilliant, great setup. Easy items that you are highly likely to have in house, if not spend like 3 pounds. Absolutely brilliant - spectators will never see how you do it. 5/5 great trick from a great mind Well done, Kevin."

More reviews?

Thanks for your attention,

Kevin Schaller
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