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  1. What DVD would you suggest?
  2. This is Mentalism By Rich Ferguson . You can get it at ellusionist.com
  3. What DVD would I get, i just bought bob cassidys 12 DVD set on the Q&A so I would say that.

    As for you I have no idea as to what you should get. Mentalism take a lot of commitment to do even at the most basic levels and from what I have seen from you on the forums you lack the required focus to perform mentalism well.
  4. I wouldn't get a DVD.
  5. if you really want a dvd. you can check out osterlinds Corinda DVD. basically goes thru the book 13 steps./ If you want a dvd set get that. its your basic quick runthru on the book its self. I would also check out matt mellos dvds from papercrane. His mentalism 2 set dvd is pretty nice.
  6. I'm going to echo this. It really looks to me like you're still thinking like a novice magician. You're thinking that buying more tricks is the answer to everything. That's not a mindset you want a mentalist to have.

    Of course, it's not like this will matter. You'll likely ignore what D and I have said and go ahead and buy the recommendations you've already been given.
  7. For your information, I haven't bought for a long time.
  8. FIRST QUESTION: Have you studied the basics of Mentalism yet. . . you know, those things called Books that teach the basics?

    SECOND QUESTION: If so, why do you think you need a DVD? You already have plenty of information that will allow you to replicate most everything you're being charged too much for on the DVDs. Besides, in a book you get several dozen if not over 100 effects for about the same or less money than the DVD is going to cost you, an typically from more reputable sources.

    No, I'm not saying that you shouldn't get DVDs, there are some excellent ones out there but it really depends on your experience level and where you stand education wise. I'd certain not recommend some of the John Riggs material that's out there to someone in their first two years of study while I would recommend some of the stuff Osterlind and Banachek have produced. . . the Banachek PSI Series being a very wise investment for that matter is is Osterlind's "Easy to Master Mental Magic". Jay Sankey has some wonderful stuff as well, but it's more commercially slanted -- tricks vs. technique and insights that will empower you in ways that go beyond "his stuff". This is true with most of the material being marketed these days.

    If you want to learn Mentalism rather than Mental Magic or worse, mislabeled material that actually fits in with Bizarre Magick more than the others, then why don't you actually study Mentalism itself; toss the pop technology stuff off to the side and invest in printed materials that address this side of the craft; the works of Stephan Minch, Robert Nelson, most everything from Bob Cassidy and Richard Webster not to mention Al Koran and William Larsen, Sr. You will end up with far more pertinent material that will blow people's socks off, give you a means by which to create your own or improve upon what you have and most importantly, you will not be seen as another "kid" doing the same exact stuff everyone else out there is doing.

    Think about it.
  9. And that the way it should be...you should take sometime to go over the material you already have...instead of buying stuff you will never use...
  10. No disrespect but why do you always post "what's the best . . . ." In almost every thread you start its a quick one line "what do you think is the best deck/trick/website/book/color/place to eat . . ." The best (insert all your previous posts here) is whatever fits you best and nobody knows that answer better than you. Instead of getting a bunch of different opinions on the same subject, do some research. Look up the inventor of what you are looking for search for reviews things like that instead of asking what's the best.
  11. This does not cancel out the impression your posting history has given me. As Craig pointed out, you're asking specifically for a DVD. You're not asking for a good place to start learning about mentalism. You just want a DVD with mentalism on it.
  12. Exactly. I'm asking for a DVD.
  13. Suggesting to me that you just want instant gratification. You're more interested in the medium than the actual content. Again, you did not actually ask, "What's a good place to start learning mentalism?" This tells me that you are not ready to learn mentalism.
  14. 1. I haven't studied the basics of Mentalism yet.

    2. I'm taking Mentalism as a serious hobby. I'm looking for the best quality and I'm lazy and don't have much time to read books.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check them.
  15. Yes because like I said I'm only taking Mentalism as a serious hobby. I'm looking for the best quality and I'm lazy and don't have much time to read books.
  16. Then don't do mentalism. You're not ready. You're not taking it seriously like you claim to because you're obviously not willing to lift a finger to do any real work. I will bet my bottom dollar that you won't actually go to any of Craig's suggestions because they're all books.
  17. Craig suggested Osterlind's "Easy to Master Mental Magic" and Banachek's PSI Series which are DVDs.
  18. Apparently I'm not making myself clear. You think buying tricks will make you a mentalist. You are wrong. You are not serious about mentalism because you are not willing to do any real work. You're a punk kid who has no respect for the learning process. You have made it abundantly obvious that you will disregard any advice that does not tell you to buy DVDs, regardless of the merit and relevancy of that advice. Do I have to draw you a flow chart?
  19. And you're just someone wasting your time giving me craps.
  20. Yes, apparently the joke really is on me. Because you're too goddamn arrogant, myopic and lazy to listen to people who actually know what they're talking about.

    When you **** this up (and you will), remember that I told you so.

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