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DVDs for Double, Force, Pass, & Control.

Aug 10, 2008
A while ago I heard card artist Orbitbrown say that any aspiring card magician should learn a good double, force, pass, and control. These, he said, are the top building blocks to any effect. I was wondering what are your top DVD sources for learning these moves?
Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
It has been said many times by many magicians before.

My recomendation would be start with Royal Road to Card Magic as this teaches all those things.

Born To Perform from Penguin is also a very good starting point.
Dec 5, 2007
If you really want to become a good card magician i think that there are a lot more things that you should learn, and there are a lot of things you should learn before you need to learn how to do the pass.

If i were to recommend someone who wanted to become a good card magician what they would be learning first i would tell them to learn how to:

Overhand shuffle/Overhand shuffle control cards/Overhand false shuffle
Cut the cards/False cut the cards
How to get and how to hold breakes
How to get ready in different situations for the double lift
The Double lift and the double turnover
The glide
The classic/Riffle force
place and use key cards
cull cards
Top Change

You can learn all of that + some great effects from Roberto Giobbis Card College 1.
Nov 8, 2007
The cull is a force and a control and is easily rendered invisible. Check out Kostya Kimlat's Roadrunner Cull DVD, both 1 & 2.

Greg Wilson's Double Take is still the best place to learn a variety of double lifts.

As for the pass, the best place to start as far DVDs go is definitely Pass With Care by Peter Cassford.

Also, I'd argue that the top change should replace the pass on that list. David Williamson has one of the best top changes I've ever seen and he has a great download on it over at Dan and Dave's site.

Hope that helps.
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