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  1. hey guys, i recently come across this guy on youtube n i must say this guy is packing some seriously cool tricks which leads to my question. do you know what any of these effects are called or where i can learn them from? first one is around the 1.53 mark where he leans back almost horizontal, man this one is a killer. second is around 2.05- phone in bottle, again this one nearly made me fall off my seat. third around 2.47 mark- coin in bottle.im familiar with a few methods but not this one unless the guy holding the bottle was in on the trick. And the final one that caught my eye was around 3.13 where he moved the girls tan line. any help would be appreciated
  2. the coin in bottle is a pretty standart way to do it..I don't see why letting the spectator hold it would make it impossible.

    the tan line thing is quite crazy...but not everything you see in the video is everything that happend at that moment..if you know what I mean

    btw: everyone should know dynamo by now...he s gonna be huge (if he s not already) very soon...very talented guy
  3. yea hes pretty darn good, Very entertaining and a very diffrent style.
  4. Obvious stooging for a good portion of his tricks.

    There's nothing else for me to say.
  5. Dynamo is the man. Sure he uses some stooges for some tricks such as the moving tanline on a spectator but who cares? He's talented and brings a whole new style to magic. Hope to meet him someday.
  6. He explained the whole procedure to the phone in bottle last summer at a convention so if you ever see him just ask, he didn't seem to mind telling us anything.

    @Matze - He's been huge for quite a while now. Back in 2001 Dynamo was the person who brought DnD to the International Magic Convention in London. I was only 16 or so at the time but used to jam with him at Blackpool and Leeds conventions, he's been working really hard for many years now.
  7. I don't know he seems kinda like David Blaine. I know I definitely like him better than Criss Angel though.
  8. thats what i thought, he uses some stooges for his tricks.generally i dnt have time to scan the forums or youtube so thats why hes new to me, but yoour right he is going to be huge n the uk version of david blaine.formula any idea what the effect is called so i can track it down?the likely hood i will run into dynamo is very slim.lol. And any idea bout the first one i mentioned guys at 1.53?
  9. As far as I know the phone in bottle is his own method that him and Paul Cook developed and isn't sold or taught as it's own effect in one particular package. You need a really big setup to do it anyway, it's not an easy thing to do. Also the Michael Jackson-esk lean at 1.53 is something he used on a live charity show here in England. Again, not something that you're ever going to perform without your own stage.
  10. thanks for help formula, and you too liderc
  11. I didn't mention this earlier but there is a version of "the lean" that you can buy. It has the same outcome as what Dynamo has done but it requires quite a lot of construction. Just search some magic shops for "the lean", I'm sure you'll fine it. It's great if you can afford to make it.

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