Dynamo's mind reading - Stooged?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seanism, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. In his latest series Magician Impossible, he done a fair few whereby just asking the spectator to think of something, then he looks them in the eye, and tells them what it is... how is that possible, I dont think it is a trick. It's got to be stooged ??
  2. The effect may be accomplished with a legitimate method that was edited out. Hard to tell without being able to see a clip.
  3. I'll have to say this again.

    When you do magic on TV (TV magic), Luke Jermay went around this in his book 3510, that it doesn't matter how it's achieved but just how it looks. And even stuff like stooging is done. Something like just isn't possible in real life situations, of course their could be something called pre-show involved or another procedure put on just before camera is turned on.

    But don't try to get an explanation for it. I'm just giving you the facts of TV magic.
  4. It might be possible to do in real life, but like others have said, they probably cut out some stuff. Thats the thing about TV magic, nothing's 100% fair. But TV magic isn't really for magicians, is it?
  5. I find it funny, the difference between U.S. and UK points of view on this same thing. The methods by which you can accomplish this bit are more than abundant and much of it is found in Corinda. But as has been pointed out, film editing ruins our chances of seeing everything in proper sequence.

    Fact is, there is a lot of mentalism that can be done "in the nude" as it were, free of billets and other such cheats and based solely on natural observational talent. It may take you a few years to develop such skills, but it's not impossible and what it will allow you to get away with is mind boggling.
  6. Judging by the phrasing of the instructions her gave to the participants, and the way they reacted, I'd suspect that they weren't stooges but he just used some kind of simple force before the cameras started rolling.
  7. And even if he did use a stooge, what's the big deal? It's about entertainment right? Were not everyone else blown away and entertained? Then mission accomplished. Stooges are just as important tools to magicians as a deck of cards.
  8. I have a problem with this thinking. . . sort of.

    There are ways of using a plant in the group that I have absolutely no problem with because they are a part of your team and work with you in every (most) performances fulfilling a specific niche. When I was working stage I had two silent shills in the audience who would be used in a handful of ways, one of which was deliberate misdirection (if you've read The Book of Haunted Magick then you know it. . . or should). However, I loathe the use of "Instant Stooges" -- those that are primed on the spot during an act. Where this is perfectly fine in a Magic Show, it has no place in a legit Mentalism act in that it robs both you and your public of the illusion of validity -- being the "real thing" or expert in such-n-such a system.

    Yes, there are "Dual Reality" scenarios that can cover this sort of thing up, which I don't mind at all. But handing someone a note that reads, "Just agree with everything I say". . . that's a comedy MC gag, not Mentalism
  9. I agree Craig, there are certainly the right way, and wrong way to use a stooge. I was just advocating that their use (in general) is just another tool in our trade and shouldn't be so quickly dismissed.
  10. I've seen more "well educated" magicians completely floored because of a properly placed stooge; especially if you are using a mix of methods. Just think what you could do if your partner was the one executing the Center Tear and then transmit the information to you via some kind of physical or audible cue. . . booohahaha

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