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  1. Hey Gang, I've been working on a project over the past few months and I would like to gather some feedback if possible. The project is based around a card clip concept. I've seen many clips produced made from a metal and for me it was never enticing but I loved the concept. I had and idea of using bamboo rather. I currently have 2 designs in production and both are already sold out. Seeing how it was so successful I'm looking into creating an entire line. So this raises many questions and I've had to face most of them at this point to lets have a little Q&A real quick.

    Q: What’s different about this than say Joe Porper clips?
    A: These are wood and offer flexibility similar to steel but also offer a new style and are very easy to customize for colors and laser art.

    Q: Wont the they break?
    A: Well bamboo is a very special wood and is actually a grass in nature. Its far denser than most woods and is also very ridged. Place in the same environment, yes they can hold up to the job and more. I'm sure though if you purposely put it in situations outside of its purpose then yes, it will break.

    Q: How much are they?
    A: They can range from 15-30$ depending on how many bells and whistles you would like featured on your clip.

    Q: What type of options are available?
    A: There are many options such as a natural clip that has no finish or laser cutting. Then we have lacquer coated clips both in clear and colors. Other clips may feature art on one side or a complete wrap around design like the one featured on our Tendril Clip from

    Q: Wood is subject to shrinking in different climates and humidity levels. Wont the clip shrink?
    A: Again, the wood is unique and does not react in this way in different climates.

    These are a lot of the frequent questions we answer. So below are some pictures and demo videos based on the production process and we are on various social networks if you find this interesting and would like to follow us for updates. I would of course appreciate any feedback both positive and negative. We learn from failure. :)

    Twitter: @ConjurCreations
    Official Site


  2. looks neat cant wait to see more ^ ^
    ( I would buy it the price sounds great)
  3. Really nice. If I didn't already have a Porper I'd buy one.
  4. I highly recommend that you use bamboo as the stock because it is highly flexible and if you have the 2 large wall of the clip aiming inward then this invention will be alot better than proper clip

    and since you already know bamboo is good then I have no other inputs. Looking forward to guy one from you.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! If you've missed the last two sales and would like to get ahold of our Eco Prototype collectable then now is your chance. We sold 1-20 numberd Prototypes but we have clip #Zero that were giving away to one of our facebook fans once we reach 100 Likes. The numbers 1-20 featured an optional natural or lacquer finish but clip zero will be the only one that features a color. To like us on facebook simply go to our site at and click our Like button right there on the home page. Thats it! Thanks for all the support and for updates just check in frequently to our site blog.


    Robert Butler
    Creative Director
  6. Hey Everyone! I have a quick update for you on the Eco Card Clips.

  7. I think it looks very nice! I don't know if it's possible, but I would be interested in getting one of these with my logo on it instead of the lacquered plain version we see in the video. As an alternative option for your company, if you do take custom designs is offering to produce clips with custom work whole sale for magicians. I could easily see these being used as promotional give aways or even sell-able swag after a show. I could easily see the benefits of ordering a bulk of these clips with someones logo, and website on them.

    I would also suggest different colored finishes as well. As for the spine thickness, I don't think it's too much of a concern. From the video everything looks good.
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    Fantastic points William! I've neglected this site way to much in the development phase of this project so there's much you don't know. We offer whole sale to companies upon request and you can contact us at for an inquiry. Were currently developing many clips at once. All the examples below feature a mixture of colors and laser cut art.

    Eco Prototype (SOLD OUT)

    Tendril Eco Clip Signature Series (SOLD OUT) was sold on and is currently in production

    Tendril Color Clip Available Currently on Kickstarter. Sold by

    Eco Prototype #zero out of #20. This is a clip were currently giving away to one of our Facebook fans once we reach 100 Followers

    For more information and updates as we develop you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our Official Site
  9. Robert, are you sure about mail address?

  10. I apologize, I just noticed the typo in the email address

    Also, I had a great thing happen to me yesterday. My Transducer Fire buckled on me yesterday. I hate when this happens to my cards but it was a great opportunity to really see if the clip was just a guard or if it would do the same job as the Porper clip. I was happy to find that after a day in the clip, the deck was returned back to its natural state.
  11. Hey guys,

    I would like to show you these beautiful Eco Clips for the real deal...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you want to check out more images from us in the future, go to our website at, and go to our "gallery" tab. Take care!


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