ECT's Glide (and unintended vanishes...)

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  1. Is the new glide from ECT as good for spectators as the typical glide is? Does it fly by them or does the death grip of the deck make them suspicious?

    Secondlu, I'm done looking through all my books AND through online videos on the cull and I still get an unintended vanish of the card I want to cull. \(-_-)/

    Can somebody please tell me how to prevent that?

    I know about the slider principle and I do hide the card with the card on its right and top, but the second way is such a slow process! What am I doing wrong?

    (I'm talking about a face-up cull, where spectators can SEE the faces, and of course, the card is culled in the bottom of the spread).

    Help help help...?
  2. I'm not sure if this is helpful because I may not be 100% clear on what your issue is. From my experience, regardless of how you cull a selection, it's going to sort of "vanish" due to the nature of the cull. The best way to cover this up is to hide that action under the larger action. This is sort of hard to explain but spread further through the deck as you're culling the card, if that makes sense. I can try to elaborate more or send a video or something.

    Sorry if that isn't quite what you're looking for.
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  3. I'm pretty terrible at the cull, but the DMB spread control is a really good use of it as a control, or even a palm (you can learn it on theory11). Moves like this use things like a switch to cover a cull. I have found though one of the cull's best uses is to control multiple selections, in which case the action is covered by going from one spectator to another.

    However, the secret is just to draw attention away from their card. I know its common advice, but say something like "please don't forget your card" and look them in the eyes, while casually closing the spread and culling their card. If you create a casual, chatty atmosphere to the trick this sort of thing flies right past your spectators. The cull is a secret move, so just try not to draw attention to it.
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  4. Please do pm a video of your cull...I'd like to see if there's any blatant problem in my technique or is it just the nature of the move to never be hidden amazingly.
  5. I'd be happy to! I have to run some errands but I'll send a video in a few hours if that's okay.
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  6. Yes, it is. It does fly by them. But, because of how you described it as the “death grip” it’s not for you.

    I sent you a PM.
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