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Edge: Setting The Record Straight

Nov 17, 2007
Hey T11 Peeps,
I've had a lot of people emailing me to tell me Theory 11 and Mathieu Bich are ripping me off. You see, their new release, Edge is almost the same trick (and uses an identical method) as my trick, Happy Ending (first published in lecture notes from 2008, and later in my hardcover book, Reinventing the Real from 2010). The only difference is the handling: I use a normal deck and a sleight to get into it, whereas Bich uses a special deck to make it sleight-free. The method itself is the same.

It's time we cried foul!

Well, cry foul on ME, at least. You see, Bich beat me to the punch, plain and simple. Theory 11 has just released footage of him performing the effect on French television back in 2001: And this predates my work by a few years. So while Bich never published it, he most certainly should be given the credit. He's one creative motherf***********************cker!

For anyone with questions about Bich's new DVD such as ease of performance, deceptiveness, reset, etc. let me just say Bich has outdone himself. His handling is pretty much self-working, resets instantly, and as someone who has been performing the effect for many years, is genuinely jawdropping for audiences. It's the dream dealers ad because it's all true. Heck, I perform it on myself sometimes because it just looks too damn cool!

So I wholeheartedly support and endorse this DVD, and wish it enormous success. Pick it up. You can thank me later. Preferably with cake. I love cake.

Congrats, Mathieu and T11!

Tyler Wilson
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
So is Bich's effect examinable?

It's unlikely that the spectator will want to hold the deck after EDGE (it's handled very fairly), but the spectator can't examine the deck. You can, however, casually spread through the deck face-up before they select a card as to show the cards different. Then, they select a card as you spring the cards (they say stop whenever they want). Then, you do the revelation and their head explodes.
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