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Effective magic training?

Dec 8, 2021
Do you think it is effective to practice a list of all the techniques that we know are fundamental and after having mastered them enough, insert them into effects and routines to practice the presentation?


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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
In general I would choose something to learn(this informs you what’s fundamental), break it up into smaller bits and practice those bits individually (methods, script, etc), then those bits are practiced with intent and context but usually in short form(phases usually), then put it all together with intent. Then hopefully performed.

For practicing I think learning from application and then revision/revisiting is important. I personally don’t practice (many) moves that I don’t already have a spot for because I’m probably not doing them well without a frame of reference for them to be in. If I’m breaking down and refining a move I’m usually doing so because I have added context to the move that causes me to revise it.

If someone learns just learns proper punching technique and they are hitting the heavy bag it will look different than someone who learned proper punching technique and applications (sparring). And further down the road that will look different than a pro practicing punches on the bag too. Their practicing of the same techniques will look different because after applying the skill they have refined different aspects of doing the move in many ways.

So for me it’s not really a list of useful techniques but a list of techniques I WILL use.

Anywho I hope that rambled into the question you were asking.
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Jul 25, 2015
Yes. But the effects and routines must be well constructed. Read Designing Miracles and Strong Magic by Ortiz. So I change my answer to no. Your presentation and execution will be improved by understanding the theory behind why the routine you are doing is good magic. Your stated approach above is a valid start.
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