Effects that can be done on FaceTime?

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  1. I am new to this sub and not sure if this is against the rules so please delete if so.

    Being stuck inside, like the majority of us, I was curious if anyone has any good recommendations for effects that can be performed via FaceTime (or similar). The effect David Blaine does, ACAAN, is this a known effect? I'm certain the video was edited but just curious. This is a good example. Had it played out exactly that way, that is really powerful. Yea so any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi Lorenzo,

    when you say FaceTime tricks, do you mean tricks that would look good over FaceTime? If so, I haven’t used this effect yet, but I heard that Quantum looks great on camera.
  3. Literally any trick that doesn’t rely on strong misdirection could work. Also, this is an opportunity to try some effects that look better in camera because of some angle sensitivity.
  4. Blaine also used his Indigo force on the internet
  5. An equivoque 52-1 card selection
    Anything with the raven
    The classic pick 1 card oit of the 5 here, you remove 1 card and its theirs no matter what card they thought of
    Banacheks psychological forces
    Water to oil and make them choose wich pile wich goes in

    Anything visual that dosent require the spectator to pick or handle cards/objects in their hands.
  6. There's some good suggestions for this over on the Magic Cafe in this thread: Tricks that can be performed remotely.

    Jay Sankey teaches a particularly good one here, although it will require you to send a deck to your spectator in the mail or in advance:

    But it's a fine example of how a self-working trick can become a real miracle with good presentation and a careful build-up. I especially appreciate Sankey's cleverness in disguising the method. The spectator is asked to try to guess a card, as an apparent demonstration of how difficult the magician's feat will be, but in fact this is key to successfully performing the trick. So not only does the method become part of the presentation, but it even strengthens it. Ingenious!

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