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  1. What is each one of yall's favorite magic effects that are sold at Theory 11?
    (not downloads) (Only physical Effects)
    Thank you
  2. I haven't performed it in awhile but Double Cross is a great variation on the ashes trick.
    The loops in Animation can be carried with you at all times and they have a ton of applications. I always have them in my wallet.
    I don't own it, but the owner of my local magic store loves to perform Lit and it's a fantastic effect.
    I've also heard great things about the Zandman Book Tests from multiple magicians I know but it's not really my style.
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  3. I also have LIT, but i can't perform it because I can't find any compatible matches.
    Thanks for the response!
  4. I like Perfect Square, I actually prefer it to the Venom Cube for close up. The gimmick has no seams, where Venom does. The biggest issues with it is that it rips up your cube as you perform with it.
    I have used the Amaze Box for years. I wish this was $100 a pop! It's a great device, I wish it was more exclusive.
    The Self Tying Shoelace is beautiful, it's a modern classic for sure.
    Position Impossible is probably the best card at any number available. It is so practical and so close to the Berglas effect. It's outstanding.
    I have and use Sleeper from time to time. It's good, but I prefer the old classic versions more.
    I independently created a version of Break. Theory11's is much better than mine, I used both for many years but have stopped.
    I just got Flux and I like it a lot. I use it to force stuff most often. Electronics make me nervous though.
    I love Lit.

    Stuff that I don't like...
    I don't love how overused Dresscode is. I have only used it a few times and it's good but very overused.
    I don't like Overstuft. I much prefer the original before it came to Theory11 called Double Stuft. Overstufft fills the cookie with too much cream, in my opinion, to be believable.
    I don't do healed and sealed because it takes a ton of set up, it's overused, and in my material, I already have a big long piece with soda cans using Fizzmaster.
    I don't love Double Cross, Bare or Exile, I've never felt comfortable writing on someone else.
    Ring flight is amazing and departure is a great version but I don't like the method, it's a bit dangerous. Roddy McGie has the best possible version coming out soon.
    I do like Sub Rosa but I've had issues getting it down.
    Mint Box by Daniel Garcia is beautiful as a gimmick and makes a beautiful visual change but it there are better versions of the card to mint box out there.
    I kinda hate Svenpads. They are overused, unoriginal (everyone who has a svengali deck has thought of this), unnatural (when was the last time you wrote a bunch of different things on one of those books?), it's an easy solution to very bland mentalism, and a couple of guys are fighting over who gets to make them. I'd say to skip this and force an object any number of different ways. Or go to the copy shop and sven your own pads, journals, diaries etc.
    I also, don't love thread work. So, loops and the Tarantula aren't for me. Also with the Tarantula, it's just too techy and I don't trust that it will work consistently under fire.
  5. Are you saying that You don;t like Double Cross because of the effect itself? Or because of the idea on having to write on people?
  6. I like ashes on palm and the Super Sharpie. I think that Double Cross as a trick is good.

    I don't do it for a few reasons.
    -I don't want people to write on me so I don't feel comfortable writing on them.
    -I feel like it's used by a ton of magicians at the moment and I try to be unique when I can be.
    -I'm fine with the other versions out there, though they are probably not as strong.
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  7. thanks!

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