Ego Change (Props To Daniel Garcia)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by boyboy53, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Actaully no, you cant.
    You need to submit it to the media section to get it validated.

    p.s. The change needs some work, so many people on youtube that do it.. cant do it right, and are very jerky.

  2. It's all right, but you should really do an all around square up to get clean. Looks nicer.
  3. Sorry to tell you this... but this is NOT Ego change.

    That is more likely a Cardini Change.
  4. I used to think that aswell, but I don't know anymore. The ego change (daniel garcia) uses the same fingering as what Ray Kosby attributes to the Cardini change in 'Impossible card magic.' However in Hugards card manipulations, the Cardini change published there does not use the same mechanics.

    So, I don't know.


    edit. Whether or not you wish to argue over the name, the change being performed here IS what Daniel Garcia CALLS the Ego change.
  5. Just to clear something up. Dan and Dave say in the Trilogy on Queens they use the ego change. but they say "Then you perform an ego or cardini change whatever you want to call it." Well they said something along the lines of that.

  6. It is very obvious that you did not learn that from D.G Project or his Blueprint notes. You are not holding the deck correctly, and just by watching Im sure the cards are talking like crazy. It looks bad on web cam and Im sure it looks even worse in person. It does look like you are doing the classic Cardini change handling. I suggest you get his Project series, the change is taught very well there.
  7. It looked good to me, except you were covering too much of the deck, and some of that space you could have left open which you should do, and there should be an all-around square-up at the end as someone above mentioned, those are the only issues I see
    and about the little name debate, I completely don't know, I learned the cardini snap change from the queens, and I looked at the Ego change tutorial on youtube (darn those youtube magicians) and it seemed almost the same thing except using different fingers
  8. Change: 7/10. It was alright. Not bad. Clean up was a little messy and I agree that you should do an all around square up or something that makes the clean up look good.

    Overall vid: 2/10 Sorry, but I hate vids like these. .Not to mention that there was no patter, but I'm tired of cids showing one color change or sleight. Please put the change into a routine or use it as a reveal for a selected card. Don't just show us the change. If you were to do this in public would you randmely do the change with 2 random cards? No, because that wouldn't make sense.

    This also oes to the million vids titled " My Pass".

    If you are to make a color change vid please include multiple changes. Not just one 2 seconds change.
  9. He wants criticism on his sleight. Nothing wrong with that.

    Just like most Pass videos. They want people to see if their pass is good or not.
  10. Well, quite honestly, from what I have read/watched from Garcia, this is not an ego change. The idea of the ego change is to be almost like the card is "melting" away, unlike the cardini snap change in which the card suddenly changes. In the ego, the card is breifly covered, during which is starts to change.

    Just my thoughts, if I'm incorrect about this feel free to correct me (Daniel or others)

  11. No your wrong actually. The change is exactly the same. In the original, you are correct, DG wanted it to look like how you said it, but the same method can be used both ways.
  12. They are very similar, but Garcia actually posted somewhere about what the differences between them are. As for me, I prefer the Ego change. I don't know if I'm gripping the cards wrong for the Cardini change, but with Ego's grip the change and getting clean feels more natural.
  13. Hope this helps:

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