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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by MagicSanj, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Hey All,

    Just thought I'd take a break from my homework and take a look at Eric Ross's Election that I picked up today.

    Since it was only 10$ I thought I would give it a try. The preview video looked good, nothing to hide, no sneaky camera angles, you get what you see!!!

    Anyway, back to the review...

    The Method:

    The method is so simple, I was literally skimming through this because I needed to get back to my homework and can now easily perform it after watching/skimming through the 5 important minutes of it. The method is genius, Eric says that it was meant to be a magician fooler, and trust me, it is! 10/10 without a doubt. Simply genius!

    The Teaching:

    The teaching is good, everything needed to know is gone over, with no overkill. Since the effect is so simple, the teaching does not need to be anyhing complicated. 10/10 for this section.

    The Quality:

    The quality isn't bad, although some angles are sort of "boring" at the beginning, it zooms in on parts that are needed to be zoomed in on :p and the camera is good quality. 9.5/10 on this part.

    The Gimmick:

    The gimmick is selfworking and takes about 1 minute to make, if you're slow... :D You willl use/need homemade items for this, you actually only need one thing, that is, besides a deck of cards. The gimmick is very simple, and I would be surprised if you didn't have this at your house or at the least, your school/work. 10/10 for the gimmick, simplicity at it's best!


    Awesome. Simply spectacular. For $9.99 this is a give away. I would have gladly payed up to 30$ for something that I will be using so often. Although you may not always carry 2 decks around, when you do, this is a perfect trick. Seriously, you should really pick this up. DO NOT even debate about it! PICK IT UP NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, I PROMISE

    Take care everyone, if you have any further questions feel free to PM me or add me on AIM/WINDOWS LIVE.


  2. Good review, I was about to write a review, but I think I'll just ammend yours insted.

    Everything you said is good, but I would like to add that this guy is really freaking boring. Nobody buys a trick for someone's personality, but it's worth mentioning. There is one little issue that isn't really covered, and it leaves you kinda dirty, but it's easily fixable. I modified it slightly and it covers that problem.
  3. Is the download downloadable to your hard drive or do you have to watch it like at DnD's site or like ellusionist where you have to watch it in the movie player?
  4. Downloadable, just like here at T11. No protection, although it is a wmv file so my mac won't play it, I had to trasfer the file to my PC.
  5. Thanks very much
  6. You can also adapt the effect to perform it to one spectator, with one deck.

    Though not as hard hitting, similar effect.
  7. Also usable as a force or a prediction

  8. Download VLC Player for you Mac and you will be able to watch WMV files. That is what I use and it works great.


  9. Thanks...didn't know about this player, it's got tons of codecs, will play almost anything. Cool.
  10. VLC works great. I have a PC with XP on it and I use VLC player. It plays everything.

    Anyway, it looks like a cool effect. I'll probably randomly get this on a rainy day.

  11. How dirty are you at the end? Can you immediately use one of the decks to continue performing impromptu card effects?
  12. Terrible question. Good job on that.
  13. Hopefully on one of those rainy days where you'd like to feel warm.
  14. Completely unhelpful, thanks. Because obviously there are no gimmicks out there that can sit inside a deck, unnoticed, while you perform other effects.
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    I bought this effect. And your joke makes no sense. So what? You ask me if the deck has gimmicks? How'd you do that trick? Well I should very well tell you before I would kick your ass in real life!!! It's a simple setup just like I mentioned before. I wasn't kidding.

    [Edited] But also a setup that magicians are getting there fingers dirty to figure out... And Yes, I'd still kick your ass. But who cares when you can kick ass with a card trick. I would think about it and if someone gave me problems, I'd kick their ass. Straight out of the book chain. It's called standing up for yourself.
  16. What the hell are you rambling about now? I asked nothing of the sort.
  17. Well I don't have the faintest clue what the last few posts were about.

    But yes, you could carry on with one of the decks to perform something, it's not a difficult task to cop away the gaff, most effects you could just leave it sitting in there.

  18. Thanks, DeeChristopher. I didn't want to pick up yet another effect that makes you carry around extra decks just for one effect. Think I'll pick this up now.
  19. Nice review. I might be getting this.
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    I picked this up lastnight and its great! With this same principle you can also perform a great very visual color change. You can modify the concept and using the same gaff and come up with at least 5 hard hitting effects.

    I used something different to make the main part of my gaff and I feel it works way better, so much in fact you can show the gaff card to the spectator and they would never notice the gaff :)

    Buy this effect! For 10 dollars you can not go wrong. And get a concept that will get your mind working:)

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