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  1. Hello!

    Would you please recommend some magicians whose style and manner are very gentle, smooth and elegant. Somebody like Dan and Dave Buck and Bill Goodwin. Somebody who doesn't do much talking and entertaining like Bill Malone (although, I love him, he's great) but focuses on the calm beauty of magic in the hands.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. if your able to name examples,, then haven't you already answered your own question?
  3. I'm looking for more people like those I've already mentioned.
  4. why for may I ask?
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    Because I don't know anyone like that except Buck twins and B.Goodwin and I'm interested in that kind of magic.
  6. The Bucks are not 'Calm And Smooth' their quite 'Fast And Flashy'

    you mentioned 'Bill Goodwin' which is one of the more 'Elegant' Card Workers Out There today.. i don't know if there are many that fit 'Goodwins' Style
  7. they are fast and flashy and calm and smooth and the same time, I would say :)
    well, then, let it be "reserved". Anyway, I think the idea is conveyed.
  8. are you looking to understand a specific style of presentation that you wish to present yourself? Is that why you are doing this research?
  9. There is one name that always pops into my mind when the word "smooth" is in play, and that is definitely Eric Jones.
  10. Thank you, guys.

    to W.Draven: I just like the style and want to find people like that to learn from.
  11. I had some pearl of wisdom that I was leading up to but for the life of me I've lost it.
    I hope you find what your looking for.

  12. Eric Jones is one of the Most 'Fluid' Coin Workers i've seen... even better when your sitting right next to him..

    Irving: are you looking for 'Simplistic Handling'? or 'Finesse'

    'Dai Vernon' how numerous advice on 'Finesse'
  13. I think it's rather finesse. Grace of motion and touch, not just simple handling.
  14. Please check out Jean Pierre Vallarino - he's like the ballet of card magic. The only thing is that its mainly table magic. However, he may be a source of inspiration to evolve your own magic.

    Click here for a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4zWFspuyj8
  15. That was graceful indeed! Thank you.
  16. I abso-freaking-lutely agree.
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  18. Urrm, visualize the kind of magician you'd like to be. Watch how as the imaginary magician does his magic then strive to be more like that imaginary person.
  19. Ponta the Smith is the smoothest coin magician that I have ever seen, his name pops into my mind instantly.

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