Eliminating bad habits

Sep 2, 2007
I've been playing with a little idea that I thought I'd share. Hope it's useful for someone.

One of the problems I've found with learning sleight-of-hand is that its quite easy to allow bad habits to creep into certain moves, in my case, the classic pass. After this happens, the muscle memory you build up performing the sleight incorrectly makes it very difficult to unlearn and correct. A simple technique I've come across is to start practicing the moves in your opposite hand. This forces your mind to think about the move from scratch, as suddenly the movements feel unfamiliar. This allows you to rebuild the move from the ground up, and, after only a relatively short amount of practice, you'll find that you can transfer back to your usual hand with your bad habits eliminated.

For all I know, this might only work for me, but the logic of why it works seems sound, so hopefully it'll help someone else.
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