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Elite Membership

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Elite Member
Dec 27, 2019
Hello, I recently attained Elite Status. Is there anything I need to do to get my membership card? I am really excited to get that Metal Card, I think it would be so cool to have. Thank you!!
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Jun 2, 2017
Hi Everyone congratulations about reaching Elite Member the bad news..T11 no longer does Metal just hardened cardboard...well embossed and all that..but they stopped doing Metal a few years ago...saying that....they may have gone back to check....but the reasons they gave me and others was that their supplier became unreliable etc...again what you get is nice..of course not like the Metal one...I waited about 18 months...never the less reaching Elite Status is an achievement...welcome to the club...Peter in Oz
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Apr 26, 2013
As I’m finally (after YEARS), about to reach Elite…only to find the card is no longer metal saddens me.

I would happily throw down money to purchase a metal variant, even at somewhat a premium.


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Hey guys!

We updated the elite card designs a while ago - but we believe strongly that the new cards are even nicer (and certainly more elaborate and expensive to produce!) than the old metal ones.

Much the contrary - our own business cards (mine included) are the same. They're BREATHTAKING - gold foil, with white hotstamping, embossing, and your name laser-etched into the gold foil.

We do have lots (!) of new plans on expanding the elite program this year, though, so if you've made it to elite status now, stay tuned to your inbox in the coming weeks and months for some surprises...
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