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  1. What is the fastest way to earn elite points.
  2. 1.Purchase something at the Theory11 store = 10pts/dollar
    2.Win a Saturday Night Contest = 1000 pts
    3.Write a review = 10 pts
    4.Get your video published in the media section = 25 pts
    5.Get your effect published in the wire = 1000 pts
  3. Spend your life savings on products :p

    You can also enter the Saturday Night Contests and try to win some awesome prizes, not to mention 1000 Elite Points.

    Publish your own tricks on the Marketplace.

    If you want to accumulate some points, but not have to spend any money, you can review some of the free videos in the Marketplace. If you have any Theory 11 products already then leave a review for those as well. Each review is 10 points.

    Watch out for the Holiday Wheel next season. Great way to rack up some points and perhaps even win instant elite membership. Doesn't get much quicker than That!
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  4. This and this ☝ These are the best ways to do so. Leaving reviews on other people’s products will help a lot too!
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  5. Do product reviews. This is the easiest, but most time consuming way of earning points.

    Source: have done a bunch of reviews

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