Ellusionist 3-Deck Sample Pack

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  1. Here's my brief review for E's 3-Deck Sample Pack: http://www.ellusionist.com/product/playing+cards/bundles/custom+3-deck+sample+pack.do

    The Pack consists of a Ghost deck, a Black Tiger deck (red pips), and a Tally-Ho Viper Circle Back deck.


    These cards are pretty cool-looking and fan great out of the box. That's probably due to the UV500 finish. Unfortunately, they look way better in a picture than in real life, but they're still worth it. They're pretty much like all of the other E custom bicycle decks.



    These look all right and fan VERY well. To me they feel better than the Ghost deck. They're pretty nice for flourishes, especially popouts. They feel like the Ghosts X2. They look better in real life than they do in the pictures.



    These feel the best. They are thinner, which to me feels nicer, especially for fanning and dribbling. They look pretty cool for flourishing, and they fan awesomely. These are like the BT's and Ghosts combined. I really like them, and I think I'll be picking up some more ho's. (Tee-hee.)


    Overall: 7.75/10

    The sample pack gives you a good idea of how Ellusionist cards feel and look, but since it's E, it's pretty expensive. You would think that for 3 decks of cards you would get some kind of discount, but it's worth it I guess. I say get it and if you like one of the decks, stock up on that one.
  2. I actually think the Ghost has the best handling, the Vipers bend too easily.
  3. i love the vipers there are one of my faves
  4. I think a lot of people say that Ghosts are the best out of all the decks that E has produced; those or Shadow Masters. I love Ghosts :D
  5. I like Shadow Masters and Vipers the best.
  6. i like ghosts and vipers the best, but i haven't seen shadow masters yet.
  7. I used to like Ghosts the best, but that was before I actually got to feel and see them in real life.
  8. That was actually the same way I felt about the Black Tigers.

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