Ellusionist and theory11 - Same Thing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ninja, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. hey, I was at the magic shop today and the guys there are really nice and all but it seems that they all think that theory 11 is eventually going to end up like ellusionst. As if if there is no difference between the two, so I was wondering what you guys think.
  2. It seems like the people that you were around are entitled to their own opinions, and that's okay. However, you have a mind of your own. That means that you can make the desicion of weither or not Theory11 will eventually end up like Ellusionist.

    To me, I think they are two completely different animals. The differences, to me, aren't summed up in what products they carry or anything of that nature. The difference to me is within the forums of Ellusionist that choose to run a tighter ship there. For them, that's okay, but for me...let's just say that I prefer the atmosphere here more.

    Oh yeah...

    Even if you do decide that you think Theory11 will be like Ellusionist, that's okay. We wont judge you. The community here is based on simply that, being a close community that believes in unity and not pidgeon-holing other companies or other people.

  3. Most likely will.
  4. In the end, this is a magic site.

    From far enough back, we all look like ants.

    This is just a magic site. Ellusionist is just a magic site.
    Theory 11 has lots of great guys involved, Kenner, Asher, The Bucks, Fisher, Houchin and now Madison. These guys all together along with the strong forum base around them will likely keep the site from going astray into the **** that ellusionist has been selling.

    Though in the end, it's just another site. It will have gems as other sites do, and it will most likely sell me some form of there Feces in High Definition with cool music blaring in the background. You gotta make the decision in the end.
  5. Personally, when I first stumble upon this site, "Ellusionist 2.0" came to my mind. But, I think I was wrong. Apart from the fact that they share a similar "look" to each other, they are completely different. I do not think that this place will end up like Ellusionist.

    That being said, I don't have any real problem with Ellusionist.
  6. When I first found this site, I noticed one thing immediately. I looked at the "Tricks" section, and noticed there were only 4 tricks. I thought, "Where are the others?", and I spent about half an hour looking around the site, looking for other tricks. I realised that these 4 tricks were the only ones on the site. A little disappointed, I checked them out. And when I had seen all the tricks, that was when I noticed it - quality, not quantity . Every single trick blew me away. Unlike tricks from Ellusionist, which (at most) "impress" me, Theory11 left me speechless. And so then, I joined the forums. And it's just so much friendlier over here than it is at Ellusionist. At Ellusionist, I've never noticed any funny posts, witty remarks, any stories about your magic experiences, etc, etc. But at T11, the forums are crammed with these things. And it's brilliant.

    So, in my opinion, I do not think that Theory11 is the same thing as Ellusionist, and I hope that as time passes, it stays this way.

  7. I registered because I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and have let it rack my brain.

    I think what it will come down to, to separate 11 from E, is the quality of the material, customer service, and all around participation in the community.

    When I found this place I was like good god, is this the hide out for the cast aways of E.
    Wasn't The Trilogy sold on E for like 5 days or something ridiculous.
    I dunno, business is business, shi- happens.

    I plan on buying some guardians and also WH Distortion, to start
    I believe you guys will be a great success.
    stay true to us though.
  8. Oh yes, I remember trying to find all of the other tricks too!
  9. No offence to the original thread starter, but...

    Jesus...not all this again.

  10. Rabid is kinda right. Let's stop comparing sites, alright? :) Moderators, close this thread?

    To squeeze in something I feel, Theory11 is different from Ellusionist. For one, the name is different. Secondly, the people behind it are different. Thirdly, the mission is different.

    While Theory11 currently (in my humble opinion) is doing things very "E-like", I do hope they stick to their goal of advancing the modern magic community in the best possible way (the best possible way being, in my opinion, far from the way most commercial sites like E is doing things).

    Theory11's doing some stuff I'm impressed with. But not enough. I want Theory11 to be the best out there. :D

    - harapan. magic!
  11. I must agree that they are different. I remember looking for the other tricks, I mean E must sell how many things? I remember joining the E forums for a second time and remembered why I left the first time. Posted and it wasnt ten minutes until some jack*** had to tell me just how "wrong" and "dumb" my thoughts on the ghost deck reveals are. Here at 11 people seem more interested it "getting it right" than "being right", and alot of constructive critisicm and support. Im yet to buy a product but I can tel this place is pro quality.
  12. The E forums are complete garbage. I got told off for calling Loops "invisble elastic" even though that's what it is!
  13. They have their similarities and differences, now E and t11 are different, in the future, who knows, but you guys should stop hating on E that much too, it's not like it's horrible (although I never went to their forums, so) the only thing I don't like about E is Brad Chrsitian because he is not that good, but their other performer (i.e. Danny Garcia, Justin Miller, etc.) are ok and they are the ones that make the site work. Here we have really good magicians, so we are set, and it really is quality against quantity, although that has some flaws (not enough variety in the types of tricks, but still thats a very good thing because when you are buying something here, you can't be disappointed.

    Jakeh, maybe you got told off because you spelled " invisible" wrong, just kidding.
  14. I don't know about the whole Quality vs Quantity thing. So far theory11 hasn't released that big hit thing that proves they have a better selecton than any other site. Although forum wise Theory11 is much better. Not in there forums. but visited a few times and it sucks. Our media section has much better videos and I like the bucks more than Devo and his annoying music.
  15. Yes there are the same, except E has more tricks and decks....
  16. But compare our tricks to some E tricks which are a complete waste of money.
    I actually like De'vo's music:p, but that's the only thing I like about him;). (Except maybe his name, with an apostrophe)
  17. Then you haven't spent much time in the E forums...
  18. Meh go post this on ellusionist and you will get the same responses, I can definitely see some ellusionist in this site, let's just hope it doesn't become to similar.
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    Ellusionist and Theory 11 are two totally different boats.

    Think about Ellusionist. I don't see them trying to better the youth of magicians. They are out there to sell and hype as many tricks as possible to get those sales. Am I hating on ellusionist..most likely because that's what it is.

    Theory 11 releases QUALITY stuff. T11 has "Cerca Trova" , A Media site for critiquing members, A nicely priced 1-on-1 where you can learn the card fundementals, flourishes, and utlitlies that will help you furthur your magic. (Some of the ARTIST'S ULITLITIES..their own)

    Their effects are only top notch effects.

    Lee Asher's Witness " His closer in lectures for years"
    Aaron Fisher's Panic " His closer in lectures for years"
    Mathie Bich's TnR " From an award winning magician, an effect that looks like a perfect TnR should "

    That is just to name a few.


    Stained Skin? Seriously?

    Multi Expensive DVDS on the basics for E to make money on

    A stupid levitation

    A community only based on ...being a David Blaine and Criss Angel carbon copy

    I mean the list goes on...Ellusionist is just a site out for our money and they couldn't care less what we learn. I mean they'll trap up into buying a impractical levitation.

    Business side, let's compare E which has been out since 2001 and most of their items are crap. T11 5 months and has all this quality material people can actually use in the real world. :)

    Yeah Moderators should close thsi site, I'll go on a rant :)
  20. no they're not

    ellusionist and theory 11 arent the same thing. if u think about it. when u watch the ellusionist preview vids, u can sometimes tell how the trick is done, or it doesnt look too surprising. also, ellusionist has over 150 tricks, and some of them are lame, while theory 11 has around 6-7 GREAT tricks. i remember lee asher saying that all u need is 3 tricks. master those and ur good to go. ellusionist doesnt do that, they think that u need millions of tricks, but if u get many tricks , u wont take the time to learn and master them all. but they give u a better variety. i think theory 11 is on the right path, because that way they're creating something extraordinary and very simple. they take the simplest things and make them into miracles. for example tnr is 1000 times better than daniel garcia's torn. the handling and everything. torn was an effect that is very angle sensetive, and sometimes i wasnt confident performing it because i would get caught, but theory 11 took the effect and made it into a new one where you're always confident and there are no worries. the only thing i didnt like, is the fact that theory 11 only has 2 decks, and 1 custom deck. i think they should make more sick looking decks (i mean sick in a good way). ellusionist's custom deck is the ghost, and theory 11's is the guardian. ellusionist's luxury deck is the better version of the custom deck, the black ghost. i think that theory 11 should make a deck called the black guardians, and it should be similar to ellusionist's shadow masters deck. in other words, i think they're both good, but im more on theory 11's side. also, the reason why penguin magic sucks, is because they got greedy and put millions of different items on their website, and 99% of them stink. a website should only have their very BEST stuff on the website, so every single one sells. they sould only have the BEST, and theory 11 has the BEST! i have a feling that ellusionist will end up like penguin magic, because lately, they have been bringing BS items to the store.
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