EMC 2011 - About to Start!

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  1. As I write this, I'm about to jump in a car on the way to the airport here in New York City. In three hours, I'll be in the air and on the way to Lisbon, Portugal for the Essential Magic Conference 2011. Over the past few weeks, we've given away ELEVEN free passes and provided as much support as we could to what I believe to be an amazing, inspiring event.

    If you're reading this and you haven't registered yet - I cannot recommend it enough! You'll be able to watch 33 talks from 32 amazing presenters. And me. Broadcasted live in HD over the internet superhighway. You'll be able to chime in and ask questions all the way through, and you'll even receive a DVD set with ALL of the talks after the conference ends. It's a CRAZY great deal at $90 registration. Did I mention David Copperfield will be speaking as well?

    Throughout the week, I'll be posting updates from behind the scenes giving you an inside look at the conference, the presenters, and all of the action. Stay tuned to the media section for updates throughout the week. Will you be watching?
  2. I'll be watching! Can't wait! The line-up is incredible this year! Good Luck JB! :D
    - magicjack
  3. I will "see" you there!
  4. Very exciting! If there are any specific questions you'd like me to ask other presenters on your behalf, post them in this thread and I will do my best to get the presenter to chime in with their thoughts. The line-up is unparalleled - from Apollo Robbins to Lu Chen to David Berglas to Lennart Green.
  5. I actually do have a question! if you could ask Apollo this, you'd make my day! I know that Apollo recommends that you learn how to "Put Pocket" before you Pick Pocket. Does he have any specific resources (books/DVD) he would recommend to begin to learn? I already have the Chappy Brazil video on watch stealing
  6. I'll be looking forward to your talk on thursday. 2 moniters! YES! Also, ask dan and dave what is the best force and control they use.

    Thanks, Zach
  7. Just signed up,

    Been in hiding for a while in my little cave in Australia, but cant wait for this.

    Any idea the time/day that the Copperfield Museum Tour will begin? Would love to watch it live :)
  8. I believe that the copperfield tour is on friday on the 9th session. Can't wait! tommorow i'm dedicated to watching the internet
  9. Will there be anymore passes given out?
  10. I really doubt it because, well, the conference is tommorow unless they have a contest in the middle of the week.
  11. You guys can watch them stream LIVE for FREE here:


    They're answering questions and just jamming out before the big day tomorrow. Jump in and ask questions of your own!
  12. Not loading on my MacBook or iPhone...
  13. Hey guys,

    Just letting everyone know that the Essential Magic Conference 2011 starts Thursday at 11am EST. If you haven't registered yet, please do so now. There is an incredible lineup this year with 33 speakers that you do NOT want to miss. Registration is $90 for 3 days, and you get a complete set of DVDs containing every talk and performance, + bonus footage. Definitely a great deal and an excellent time to learn a lot from the industry's leading professionals.

    I will be there watching live, will you?
  14. What is the actual live link?

    No one seems to know, would hate to miss out on a second seeing how late I am staying up for this.
  15. Just finished my talk this afternoon! One of my personal highlights from today - watching Lu Chen perform. He fooled me completely and absolutely - and even fooled David Berglas with his own effect (ACAAN). The card was absolutely random - I thought of it myself!
  16. JB that was CRAZY inspiring, I sent you a fb message. AMAZING job!
  17. I happened to be one of the free pass winners last year from Theory11. I wasn't going to buy a pass, but I am so glad I did. The conference was incredible. There is nothing else like it. The lineup at EMC is insane and you wont ever have access to that much talent and experience anywhere else. Don't miss ths. The price for the conference is worth it for just one of the 9 sessions.

    We will see you there.

  18. Hey Josh, I'm going to give it my best shot to have your question answered by Apollo in the next few minutes.

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