End of the World Project

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  1. Hey guys!

    Biz here, once again with a new release, but this time it's not just mine.

    "The End of the World Project" is a collaboration between awesome magicians and cardists from all around the world brought to you with the occasion of the supposed end of the world.

    Go to the website: www.eotwproject.com (before it's too late)

  2. It says this kind of file can damage your computer. What is it and can I trust it?
  3. Biz! This is some sick PDF! You guys are crazy! (in a good way. :])

    Thank you so much... and I will read it before the world ends ^^
  4. So what exactly is it?
  5. It is an e-book. You can trust it my friend. A lot of people have downloaded it and no problems have been reported.

    It is an e-book with several magic effects and a couple of flourishes. You should give it a read. I know you'll find in there something you'll like.
  6. Another group capitalizing off the false doomsday. Unoriginal and uninteresting. Anyway, I couldn't even open the PDF.
  7. Capitalizing?
    not with it being a free pdf, we dont make money off of it. Its just a fun pdf that we magicians wanted to put out in time for the christmas season and new year. Its a perfectly good file and if there are problems you can hit me up on facebook :)
  8. yeah i just downloaded this and its full of juicy righteous material and i love the end of the world joke this is awesome!
  9. Just thumbed through it, and it's actually not bad for a freebee. Props guys, well done. I may have to play with the Phantom Card in the days to come myself.
  10. I really like it, stuff from alot of great magicians and cardists, even some stuff that i wanted to know how was done is in here, GREAT WORK GUYS, i applaud you for this.
  11. By that, I meant using it for promotion. It's an overused and tired technique. While it might be a good file, my reader can't open it, perhaps it's because I'm on a Mac.
  12. I am glad you like the project guys :) !

    There was no point in which I even slightly thought about promoting myself through this project. The entire idea was to share some free and good magic/cardistry with the community and also entertain you guys, because you never know what might happen.

    I have friends who have a Mac and the file works great. There were some problems at the beginning but they were solved. Try downloading it again. It should work.
  13. That is not what I meant either, haha. I meant to articulate my point of view that using the date is now cliche and, to me, uninteresting. I can tell it's tongue-in-cheek, though, and thankfully, the material looked interesting. I tried downloading it again and it didn't work. Shame, I'd actually like to take a peek at it.
  14. I downloaded it three times the other day and it said that the file was damaged and could not be repaired. Does anyone know what I can do about that?

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