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  1. I just got a free extended half dollar shell from the local brick and mortar magic shop because the guy put an english penny in the American half dollar shell and it wouldn't come out. We tried super glue in the penny side and pulling it apart but it was far from starting to budge before failin . Any ideas?
  2. Well. I doubt this will happen to anyone else but I ended up freezing it in a glass of water. It worked.
  3. Seems like the shell was dropped and dented.
    Great thinking on your part! Step one (getting them apart) is complete. Step 2 now is making sure to round out the edges so it doesn't get stuck again. Good luck!
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  4. Somehow the edges look completely fine with zero distortion. I'm not sure an English penny the exact size of an American Half. Either way I just ordered some fine products from Roy Kueppers and he seems to have a repair video on his site for shells.
  5. I had the same problem years ago but never got the penny out, so i have a very expensive C/S coin now. The problem is that english pennies are a little bit larger then halfs and they vary slightly in diameter, so some pennies might fit and others of the same year will jam. Just sand the edge of a penny until it fits in the shell you use. I use a magnetic S&S with a penny that fits in the shell-part, took me about an hour with some sandpaper. It is copper so it is very easy to do. Just check your shell, it might be too wide now for a half. That can be fixed by inserting a half in the shell and rolling it over a hard surface while pressing down. A dent in the rim can be removed by laying it face-down on a close-up mat and using a round piece of wood or plastic to push the dent out. I use a round bic-lighter as 'anvil' on the inside and a small glass ashtray as 'hammer' by tapping it gently against the outside of the rim, if you get what i mean.
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  6. Awesome advice! I really appreciate it. Now I have a few nice shells so time to practice.
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