Erdnase 1902 Smith Back 2 vs Stingers vs EATCT

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  1. Anyone have an opinion as to which they like best? I've heard good things about all of them and Im not sure which I should go with first.
  2. Not sure if I'm just not understanding the question, but, by EATCT, do you mean The Expert at the Card Table by S W Erdnase? If so, it's not really a fair comparison, given that the other two options are decks of cards. If that is what you mean, go for the book. It's one the most important books in card magic and will reward you throughout your life, whereas the other two options are, as discussed, decks of cards.
  3. Im talking about this deck:
  4. Hi,

    I have both the Erdnase Bees and the Stingers (black). I can't comment on the Smith back No. 2's but the back design looks damn cool. :)

    It really depends on what kind of look your are aiming for. The Stingers faded edges kind of make the Bee design look more modern and cool, but the Erdnase with the deep green creates a much different image. The Erdnase box is far cooler, but gets damaged more easily. Handling wise, I think the Stingers handle slightly better out of the box, but not that different. The Erdnase are slightly thinner than the Stingers, and on my Stingers the printing is a little off centre on most cards, but thats not that bad with the faded edges anyway.

    Overall, they're both great decks, but I use the Stingers more, despite the feeling I get that the quality control on the Erdnase deck is slightly better ( off centre Stingers ;) )
  5. Has anyone here handled the Smith back No 2s?
  6. Yeah I have. The smooth finish on them is smoother than the Aladdins but they don't fan as well. This is the ivory one. However, the cambric finish is awesome. I am loving those.
  7. Have you bought from D&D? Do you know which theirs is?
  8. I'd say they probably have both, with ivory available upon request (that's how conjuringarts does it). If they only have one, it would almost certainly be the cambric as that is the most similar to bicycles and is more widely used.
  9. Have you handled them before? How do they compare with the other 2 decks I mentioned

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