Erdnase change undesirable noise.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Lord Magic, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. How do you eliminate the sliding noise of the cards when you do the change. I don't want to learn it the wrong way, but if you guys feel that there is a particular way of doing the change that doesn't make the noise, let me know.
    I may not like relearning, but in the long run, it helps :)
  2. It's a matter of using a light touch. There is a little noise when doing it right, but remember the cover for the move is that you are rubbing the top card with your hand which makes some noise.
  3. don`t rush it...take your time and as RealityOne says...light touch.

    if the noise still is a problem, do some talking to cover it up. "look as I turn this card into a turtle....oh wait, that was the other move"
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  4. Lift the double off the deck, then you only have to worry about contact with one card.
  5. Don't worry about performing it as fast as possible, if you take your time and give it a light touch as others have said, you'll accomplish your goal. Acquiring a light and smooth move is hard when you perform it too quick, after you've done it slowly a few times you'll be able to perform the change faster.
    Another tip is to pull the card a bit further so the card below doesn't "click" when you pull it over.
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  7. Noise? When I do the change, I don't hear any noise. You might be applying too much pressure when you slip the second card up.
  8. It's definitely touch thing I had the same problem when I started that change. Try a lighter touch and don't move super fast.

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