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  1. I keep reading the method for the Top Palm First Method over and over again, and I'm not exactly sure on the movement of the left little finger and how it is executed. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks.
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  2. The left little finger is at the inner short end of the deck as close to the lower right corner as you can get (and still be on the short end).

    It straightens and moves to the right, carrying the corner of the block of cards with it. The cards pivot on the break you're holding at the far short end of the deck. Remember, Erdnase didn't get a break under a specific number with his left little finger. If you're doing that, you're doing something different than what he described. Rather, get a break with the right little finger at the upper short end of the deck very close to the corner.

    The left little finger then pivots the cards against the right little finger. Once the cards have been pivoted, the left THIRD finger presses them up and into the palm. The right hand then takes all of the cards from the left hand and tables the deck.

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  3. Thank you so much Mr. England! Your explanation helped me alot.
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