Erdnase's One handed bottom deal

May 6, 2012
Hi, I just wanted to ask if any member knows how the one handed bottom deal taught in erdnase could be used in a real life context (demos and stuff).
Considering that Erdnase claims it to be more deceptive than the two handed bottom deal, Why does it seem to be ignored by most people? We are used to watch two handed bottom dealing performances everytime.
Sep 10, 2008
one handed dealing is more deceptive, but also more suspicious, since it requires such a large action to complete the deal. There's more cover available to execute a hidden move.

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
R. Paul Wilson uses one handed seconds in a gambling Demo he has online. It's the type of thing where you explain the regular bottom deal and the audience goes "Wow!" then you say "It can even be done one handed" and they go "Double, wow!"
Oct 22, 2011
it also gives a more relaxed feel to your demo, almost sloppy paired with equally sloppy false shuffles. thus your spectators won't be as on edge as with two hands and neater, more precise shuffles. just today actually i saw a video in which benjamin earl did a series of false shuffle in a trick that mimicked something you'd see off someone who had never handled a deck of cards, but nevertheless they were casual and therefore more deceptive.

so in answer to how it can be used, just the same as a two handed deal. nothing really special about it, just a different way to do it.

yay for the third time editing this post:) in answer to why no one uses it, you haven't see everyone's base dealing. a great number take the time to master one handed seconds and bottoms, myself included
Sep 8, 2012
why is it ignored? well, at the card table, if you're the only one dealing with one hand, you would draw attention, wouldn't you? but on that method, the one handed false dealing methods are based in general. he just created an imperfect deal, and it needed improvement. most of the people do it in the master grip, some in mechanics, but I'm a gene maze grip dealer, so I use gene maze grip and it works just as well. same thing, different grip.
it can be used, just do it as described in the book. I know a force based on the one handed bottom, tons of things. but at the table, I'll deal with two hands.
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