Eric Chien AGT Performance Summer 2019

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Starlight, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Hello Magic Friends:
    I want to know where to find out the secrets which Eric Chien used in his recent performances on AGT?
    I realize Garrett Thomas does a simpler type of effect with coin magic on a basic level.
    But Eric has taken this effect to much higher levels of magic.
    Now why can't people find out where to find and purchase the secrets to learning these techniques?
  2. I think you can't purchase them because Eric created them and hasn't made them available for purchase.
  3. Well now Antonio, I do believe there must be some source materials which Eric used to produce such wonderful magic. Either those source materials exist or Eric is unbelievably creative. There must be someone a T11 who knows about the source materials he used. Many of us who are serious about doing magic professionally will really appreciate this knowledge.
    Anybody else care to "Chime In" with some insights?
  4. Indocilis Privata Loqui
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  5. Eric is incredible.
    Proud to say he uses the Flux Deal in one of his acts....
    For about 3 secs
  6. What is Flux Deal? Where is available? (If that is correct.)
    What part of his act is this used? Can you point to the specific segment of his show, so I can see what you are talking about?
    Thanks for your answer.
  7. You could try to contact Eric Chien and ask him, it is his work. Maybe he will give it away to a total stranger but somehow i doubt it. He is just unbelievable creative, i think. All i know about the flux deal is that it can only be done with a special electrostatic gimmick that functions as a capacitor under the right circumstances, or so i have been told. It was invented by Allen C. Lloyd in the mid-eighties i believe.
  8. OM Gosh! Thank you Antonio Diavolo.
    When I finally can free up my time to continue my study of magic, this is something I will learn.
    I simply cannot believe that this is possible. Bravo!!!!
  9. I saw Eric Chien lecture at Blackpool. He revealed his Imagination Coin act. It is quite complex and there are a lot of things going on in it. If you want to try and recreate it, learn his retention (on his dvd Coin). He also uses a set of coin gaffs, but I'm not sure with it would be exposure to tell you which, as they are a very particular gaff.

    As for the end, where the coins turn to ink, he uses a very clever secret that would be difficult to replicate.

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