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  1. Hey guys,
    Has anyone ever been to an Eric Jones lecture? As member of my local Ring in Buffalo, New York, we have Eric Jones coming to lecture for us on Monday and I am more than excited. I am just wondering if anyone has been to one of his lectures? If so, does he go over a lot of card material?
  2. I haven't personally been to any of his lectures, but he came by our video chat a couple times and spent some hours conferencing with us all.

    It wasn't quite like a lecture, but we still got to see some great material, and learn a lot of insight. He was really cool and answered everyones' questions, explained things really well.

    I was amazed with his rubberban and coin work lol. Hopefully some others here have been to his lectures, but from what I saw, you will be pleased :)
  3. What's up brother! I'm in Ring 12 as well! As far as Eric Jones, I've got his Extension of Me DVD's and I'm hoping he goes over some of his more difficult card sleights! You going to MAWNY?
  4. He's coming out to Austin in May for a lecture. I'm very excited! Great material.
  5. Eric Jones, as we all know, is a phenominal magician. His lecture is no different. As a close personal friend, I have often travelled with him to a few different spots where he lectured. I can say this much: everyone pretty much agreed that his lecture was one of the top lectures they have ever been to.

    He will spend quite a bit of time on some of his coin work. But he doesn't forget the card guys out there too. And well, since his new DVD set is out on the market, he spends a bit of time going over some of the material from there as well.

    So bring your cards and coins, and be ready to have a good time!

    I hope this answers some of your questions.

  6. I met Eric at Magic-con in person, although he had been in the exomagic tinychat from time to time.

    He's a great guy and he forced me to perform for his cousin, which was hilarious. And slightly evil for him to bring his cousin with no magic exposure to a magic conference where probably went home not knowing which way was up.

    So Eric is a great guy, and you'll enjoy his lecture I'm sure.
  7. Thanks everyone for these answers. From the sound of it, it looks like this is going to be quite an amazing lecture. I won't mind him going over coin work, but I sure hope he doesn't forget about the card guys: :D
  8. saw his lecture at Magi-fest in Feb. His dvd' was actually delivered to the convention from the presses and released for the first time there. He goes over much of what is on the dvd and goes in depth as well as taking requests. Plus he will show you just about anything you ask to see. He's absolutely a great guy and one of the nicest people ive met, not just a great magician. You will DEFINITELY enjoy the lecture.

    ps. Upstate NY magicians are the best
  9. Great lecture

    Eric Jones is a good friend of mine and his lecture is great. I went to one about a year ago and it was great. He has a good vocabulary and teaches well so it seems he is never at a loss for words when it comes to instruction. I'd recommend it to anyone!

    -Wilberto Casillas
  10. I have been to an Eric Jones lecture and it was absolutely a quality one. He has very good teaching and throws in both cards and coins so people can learn a little of everything. He does do some coin magic, because he has really good coin magic lol, but he definitely does some fantastic card work as well. You should be excited.
  11. YO JBrock,

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Buffalo lecture. My lecture is more of a workshop. I ask you to bring a handful of regular coins, a deck of cards, and an open mind. We will discuss several routines from my new DVD set An Extension of Me, my older DVD Mirage Et Trois and will be discussing items that will be availlable later this year. We will got over coin and card magic and I expect people to ask alot of questions, and follow along.

    BTW, i'll be at MAWNY the day before, so if you can't attend the lecture, perhaps you can stop by MAWNY as well.

    Here's a fraction of the material that will be covered in the lecture/workshop:
  12. Thank you Mr. Jones for informing me exactly what it is going to be like. I will definitely come prepared. Coin work is not one of my strong suits and I'm sure your lecture will help me out greatly. I also am excited to see el cambio nada performed in person!
  13. yay! Then i'll see you there!
  14. Is this lecture open to the public?

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