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  1. Hello guys

    I've been searching for some new magic to really get the juices flowing and get me excited again. I saw some Eric Jones performances the other day and it really got me inspired to get out and perform more. But I came to a crossroads on what I should look into, cards or coins?

    I know that you guys can't just say what will be best for me b/c you simply don't know me. But I perform a lot of a card magic and would like to know more about coin magic. I am interested in both and I would like to hear your opinions on these DVDs.

    Thanks guys
  2. Eric Jones' Metal DVD is excellent, a great intro to impromptu coin magic.

    Twizted on the other hand is some gimmick that helps make some impossible card magic.

    Personally I would get Metal and only Twizted if I loved the trick and could see myself using it.

    An extension of me is a great set however some of the coin work requires gaffs
  3. Coins You Say?

    Well if you're looking to just IMMERSE yourself into Coin's a couple suggestions (product wise). Eric Jones - An Extension of Me, Metal, Audio, Mirage et Trois, David Roth - Expert Coin Magic Made Easy, David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection DVD's (V 1-4), Jay Noblezada - And Then There Were Coins, The Muscle Pass, David Kong - The Complete Muscle Pass. For books, Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo, Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control. Just as a starting place...
  4. Troy Hooser For Both Coins and Cards As Well..

    I Second Eric Jones too

    and Richard Kaufman Coin Magic
  5. Alright thanks guys I have Audio and it's a great trick but I think I'm going to get Metal and really start doing some heavy duty coin work
  6. Metal is awesome. I have dabbled into some coin magic, but when I saw this, I thought it was perfect. I was actually right for once. Its two hours of coin stuff. He explains everything really well. I am still going back to this DVD to get the little nuances that make coin magic hit hard. You will be happy with your purchase. The one downside of the DVD is that it made me want to get a set of Morgans, but I don't have the money for it!
  7. Haha I was able to find a set of Morgan replicas for pretty cheap in a local flee market but I don't think anyone will really notice the difference
  8. I have to give a vote too

    I have to agree with everything suggested, Metal is one of my favorites.

    I would like to also suggest: David Stones: Basic Coin Magic Vol 1 & 2. It's well thought out with great instruction and very detailed routines. Produced in the 90's this is still a best selling series and will most likely always be a top seller. The DVD'S have additional footage and interviews of David many years after the original release.

    Volume 1 is beginner for sure, and Volume 2 gets into some more medium techniques. Great Jumbo coin productions, and the wallet pen is extremely visual close-up routine.

    Highly Recommended!

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