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    I'll admit, I'm a magic child of the 90's. In the 90's packet tricks were all the rage. You couldn't swing a stick with out hitting a book magazine or lecture with out some sort of packet effect. So they hold a soft spot in my heart. When I find one that is this good well yeah I'll use it.

    So lets look at the video first

    There are some pretty heavy hitters who love this effect. What more could I add to this? Well...

    The first version of this effect had some hit or miss gimmicks that were shipped about the time it was reviews on Wizard Product Review (who loved the effect). Erik asked that people, if they got a bad set, to please email him instead and let him send you a fixed set. I was late enough into sending him the email about my busted gimmick, that I offered what is now version 2 of the gimmick as a beta tester kinda of thing. To get feed back on it from working magicians..I would love to get into to it more but to do so would give away the met

    The effect:
    What you see if what you get. It looks just that good. You show a fan of five blank face cards front and back. Ask what was the last card in the fan. You point out that the last card was not blank but in fact and ace. not only was it an ace the card are a royal flush and not blank. Not only are the faces no longer blank the backs have changed as well.

    The handling:
    One handed fan. It's that easy. A one handed fan. Now some people will say "Well self working and no skill shouldn't be selling points." With this effect they are not selling points. Self working effects can be pretty strong.

    Angles and reset:
    This is angle proof. Can be done completely surrounded. This also resets instantly making it great for strolling.

    Teaching and price:
    The teaching on the DVD is pretty clear and thorough and with a price of $25 it is priced pretty fair and inline with other effects.

    I do not do a much card work in my normal strolling, close up or parlor shows. Now in a group of magicians? Yeah. Magicians love card magic. This though is getting put into my strolling act. It's quick, it's visual, it establishes you are a magician quickly and it's instant reset. Perfect for the walk around magician. On the new John Bannon DVD he goes into the theory behind why packet effects make sense and work. This is one of those effects that makes sense on why it is only five cards. Why would you have a deck of blank faced playing cards.

    As of right now there are no refills. He is thinking there will be but only through select dealers or through him. Right now it is a pricing issue on the refills.

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