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  1. Esonile Performance


    I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

    Please give me a feedback, this cut is still on progress, so perhaps I like your ideas :D
  2. alright.. TBH i didnt like it at all. It looks to much like all the other 2 hand cuts out there today. No you performed it very well but the flourish just isnt so great. Also, too much "editing" in terms of jumpy camera and kinda weird/too close angles
  3. is there anyone else, who will say something to this video?
  4. Actually, I didn't thin kit was bad at all. Only thing that got to me was the tempo. Sometimes, it felt as if the cut should speed up - but this didn't.

    A flourish of that kind should have a resolution. Speed it up, flare it out, or display it.

  5. Thanks a lot^^
    I will work on it ;)
  6. i think clothing and camera angles are the first ingredients, so its cool!

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