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  1. OMG... Seems Awesomme!!
  2. Looks good, a bit pricy but good!

  3. I would love to 'go'
    to pricy though :p
  4. Pricey?!?!

    You'll pay $30 for a one trick DVD, and this is just over twice that price for the chance to listen to 33 great magicians share their insights on our art - and you get DVDs of the talks.

    I do not know how long each talk will be, but if each were limited to JUST 10 minutes, you would have over 5 hours of content.

    Where in magic are you going to find that much content, from that many stellar thinkers, at anywhere NEAR that price point? What if they each talked for 20 minutes? Thirty?


    Pass it on.
  5. Price seems fine...30 hours of content and i can invite all my friends to watch for the one price of $75.

    Im def interested but something seems a little sketchy. Id like to know for sure what id be learning and the layout of it more. Something doesnt feel right. I hope this will change for me as it seems like a pretty good line up!
  6. Not only do you get to watch with your friends, you get DVDs of the conference also. I already registered. Just look at the presenters, it is not just content, its great content too. $75 is cheap to see these people.
  7. Patience gentlemen,

    Good things come to those that wait, lets just say there is another online magic lectures circuit in the works right around the corner. This is not a new concept Jeff Hobson ran one for quite some time but there's been alot in the works coming around the corner soon, Nice line up EMC.

  8. The person putting this on is legit. He is the Copperfield equivalent in Portugal. He knows production at the level required to produce network specials. He is ruthlessly critical of his own work. He truly cares about magic as an art.

    This is not a group of twenty somethings with an idea. This is someone who has already developed the tools and skill sets and is choosing to use it for the benefit of our art.

    If you know anything about HALF of the presenters, you know that if you get ONE idea from a single ONE of them, you will have gotten something of greater value than in the any 5 single trick DVDs published in the last year.

    If we didn't know the people involved, it would be prudent to feel concern.

    But these people are KNOWN commodities in the industry.
  9. Well its good to know its being hosted by someone well known. I just felt that anyone could set up a website stating they have all those guys coming and it could be not so true...I didnt really look at the site, only the list of presenters.
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    It looks good, good price, good presenters, and the fact you get DVD's of all the different lectures is good. 2 reliable partners are Murphy's Magic and MAGIC Magazine. But still I don't know. Seems kind of sketchy to me as well. I need some guarantee from other reputable sources before I throw 75 bucks at this.

    EDIT :: I am going to trust and assume Luis De Matos is reliable, only because of Theory 11 talking and doing a Round Table Discussion with him.
  11. What seems sketchy?

    One of europes leading magicians is gathering some of the best magicians in one place to share their ideas on the performance and practice of magic.

    Change the name from 'europe's leading performers' to 'dan and dave and syd' and you basically have magic-con, no?

    In a world where people rip their pants pulling out their wallet to pre-pay for one un-audience tested idea, pimped via a web cam, and sold by someone who has never done a show, ran a business, or even been able to vote - emc seems the exact OPPOSITE of sketchy.
    I know the above may sound antagonstic, its meant to be an observation on the status quo. But I am curious, with so many truly sketchy things being sold/offered in our field - why does this one seem to be the risky investment?
  12. I agree with Brad. This seems like an exciting and extremely reasonably priced event, and I think the reputation of the presenters speaks for itself. De Mateos, Tempest and Britland are all three fairly high profile people with good reputations, and I'm eager to see what they come up with. And yeah, hours of lecture material for $75 on DVD? Amazing.
  13. I have been trying to understand why this thread makes me feel the way it does. I think I know.

    I just returned from 4 days where every magician I met - regardless of age - all shared the same hunger for improvement. Not diversion. Not entertainment. But improvement.

    Before us now is another tremendous opportunity to learn from some excellent thinkers.

    Rather than being recognized for what it is, it's getting the same sort of banter as just another one trick download. And price? How can you put a price on the tools for real improvement?

    I realize there is skepticism because people may not recognize some of the names involved. But should that reflect on the integrity of the participants or the intelligence of the skeptic?

    I just hate seeing quality opportunities for lasting education dismissed in favor of derivitive tricks and impractical moves.

    /end confession-rant
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    Don't forget that besides Luis De Matos, this is being organized by Marco Tempest and David Britland. They are both well known names in magic, so I don't see what is sketchy about this.

    The list of presenters is also amazing. I'll be watching that page for more news in the next few weeks.

    EDIT: check out David Britland's blog. The latest post is an announcement for EMC 2010

    The other stuff he's written in his blog isn't bad either :)
  15. It seems to good to be true, and for so cheap. That's all. Plus when you don't have a lot of money, you're kind of a skeptical about certain things. It's like watching an infomercial. Sure the Knife set looks amazing, but why would something so good be sold for so cheap? Hmm, very interesting. They seem reliable, it's just I want more info before I spend 75 bucks.
  16. The reason i found it sketchy is because i watched the 60 second video...showing no faces, no people, only words and a voice. I look at the presenter list which is quite good. Why not do a better part on the video? There was something missing on the site, its like it wasnt making it look as good as it could which made me feel...confused. Hard to explain.

    After a little more reasearch it seems legit so we shall see.
  17. I have been researching it since I read the thread, It seems good. I will probably go for it.
  18. This seems like a great idea. I way to get some of the great learning experiences that conventions can provide to people that can't always attend conventions for any number of reasons. I think it makes a lot of sense and it seems like there are enough people who would find this a good idea in order to make it a success.

    As far as the price is concerned... think about it.... At a real convention you have all kinds of logistics that you have to plan for and spend a lot of money organizing. People attending the conference are also factoring in travel costs and accommodations. Then you have the issue of space. How many people can you fit in a lecture room? 100? 200? Doing it this way you could have 5,000 people viewing one lecture. So it makes perfect sense that they would offer it at a lesser price then a normal convention.

    Looks like a great diverse group of Performers and Thinkers, Different preforming styles and approaches.

    A great opportunity to really broaden the magic community to a real worldwide magic community. This is great and seems to be how they are marketing the event........... wait..... WHAT???!!!??
    "All lectures are broadcast in English"

    *Slaps hand to face*
    Are you serious? You are holding a worldwide conference in Portugal and you aren't even offering it in Spanish!!!! which is MORE widely spoken on this planet then English, Let alone Mandarin Chinese (Which is the MOST widely spoken language) Are Magicians really this out of touch with the world? Please tell me this is not the case. Organizers please reconsider... Offer Free passes to magicians who can translate to other languages? Subtitle DVDs? Something!

    I truly hope this will not only be offered in English. It's things like this that really make it so you can't take the magic community seriously

    hoping for the best,
  19. Why does cool stuff like this happen when I start to save up for a new guitar? :(

    Looks amazing. I don't know if I'll be able to resist. I'll probably have the money when by July.

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