Europeans: Rider vs Mandolin

Jan 8, 2010
Are rider back bikes dead? I don't particularly like the new mandolin cards, they don't seem to last as long but I struggle to find rider backs. I hear cost-co sell them but the closest is a 1-2 hour drive from me so it's not cost effective unless I buy a years supply.

I know the turner cut rider backs exist and ConjuringArts printed more rider backs recently but because they're from stateside they're closer to £5 ($12) a deck rather than mandolins, which are £2-3. That makes a huge expenditure difference annually.

So does anywhere stock rider back bikes within europe (ideally the uk) for £2-3? Or do we have to pay £3-5 if we want to use rider backs?
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Jul 13, 2011
I use Mandolin deck. They are great, better quality, old box ( but i like new one) + 1 double blank card and i have the deck for 2-3 months heavy use and they are still in very good condition and i even dont put them back on the box even sometimes i drop them lol. But im good.
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