Even "the greats" have had their bad moments...

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=FdxA_GJxpmM

    What's up everyone

    I came across this video of Harry Blackstone doing a halftime performance for a football game. I'm posting this video because I know there have been a lot of threads where people share their story of a performance that may have discouraged them because not everything went as planned. Things happen, we make mistakes, things are never going to be perfect there is always room for improvement. This video is proof of that. Blackstone had a lot of success in his career, and as this vid obviously shows even he had his bad moments but went on and learned from his mistakes. Go out and perform, have fun. If you find yourself in a situation where things went wrong don't beat yourself up, learn from it. Gain that experience, over time u will have the experience needed to stay on your toes for when things like this happen. Don't get discouraged.
  2. man , it was a set up ! can 't be true !
    next time i fail a card routine, i'll think of him !
  3. It is kind of hard to believe that so many things went wrong all in one show but I guess the show must go on right.
  4. What show is that from?

    But yes, he failed hilariously there.

  5. I think they said in the video it was a superbowl show JDEN.
  6. I don't know for what teams or when it was but that halftime show was for the orange bowl
  7. still not as bad as fegie trying to sing GNR though.
  8. she looks like axl now !
  9. I have to say that when I first started getting interested in magic this performance totally ruined it for me for quite awhile and I didn't really pick up magic again till awhile after.

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