Ever get caught performing Panic?

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  1. Has anyone ever get caught when performing Panic? Ie. has perform Panic and then having their spectators "spot" the gimmick, or recognize it? Has it ever not fool someone? Maybe because of lighting?

    Any input is appreciated.
  2. I use panic to open all of my tables, it's the best vanishing deck out there in my opinion.

    Alot of the time when angles are tight, I'll display all the cards, then slide them all together and hold my hands cupped around the deck. I then squeeze it down to nothing.

    So you don't see the cards visually diminish, but that's still what they remember.

    Hope that helps!

  3. aaron touches on the mechanics of holding the cards so the gimmick wont be spotted on the dvd.
  4. naw its to hard to get caught by peopple just get you angles straight even thought angles are not really a big problem , its easy to have them taken care of .
  5. One time almost a year ago, I had a person's face literally 3 inches away from my gimmick. I was thinking to myself "Oh boy.... That's not good."

    He didn't catch it and was just as amazed as I was.

  6. I have never got caught on Panic before. I need to use Panic again have not used it in a good 6 months.
  7. me neither I haven't used it in a good while........ it's a good opener but I don't use alot well I've useed it like mmmmmm 5 times maybe less :S:S:S:S but its one of my favorite tricks!:p
  8. Thanks for the input.

    However, I wasn't really asking about the angles. My worry was more about what Doug (Sinful) said. About the....part the gimmick that creates the illusion, and if that happened to not fool someone once.

    Again, thanks for the input.
  9. In that case, no - never had a problem. The illusion is perfect. The fact is that all your doing is spreading the cards, they don't know what they're looking for.

    Just be confident in what you're doing and actually believe that what you're doing is real and it'll come across - you'll not have any problems.

  10. the closest thing of me getting caught becaues of the gimmick(which was actually my fault) was that they thought I had like half the deck instead of the whole deck.

    but other than that, nope. Never been caught.
  11. If you get caught you're not practicing enough before performance. Its just that simple cause the gimmick is perfect.
  12. i have never been caught. ever.
  13. I don't think "caught" and "Panic" should ever be used in the same sentence.

    It's near impossible to get caught. It's just that good.
  14. Who would ever imagine that the Gimmick is *** **** ** * *and has **** * * * * * * ******?

    Only if you actually let them, will they doubt you.

  15. If I can hold a single card and pretend it's a whole deck and nobody suspects a thing then you have your answer.
  16. dude i did maybe six times in 1 day and each time my friend (who can figure out most of my tricks) still didnt understand it so i'm pretty sure you wont get caught unless your really really really really clumsy.

    plus the gimmik is so simple that they never get it. one tome somebody thought that i had a pully system attachet to my shirt and that i could some how slide the cards out of my back pocket then slide them back in for the trick:D:D:D:D.

    imagine how much it would cost to make a pully system
  17. same people don;t know what to look for panic is awesome you wont get caught ive done it many times surrounded by 40 50 people and they never get it i dont recommend doing it surrounded the people in the back cant see it as much lol but yeah i do it just like in the demo video surrounded for people allways works only caught once but that was not a preforamnce error when i first got panic learned it and then went to rewatch the dvd i left the gimmick out when my mom came into my room only time it was caught was right out in the open lol

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