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  1. So, now that school is officially over I've decided to open up my backpack and show you all the trick, effects and routines I carried with me on a daily basis.

    It was longer than I originally intended, I apoligize. However, I feel I talked about everything I wanted to.

    So for those who still attend school(and those who don't) what do you guys carry on a day to day basis? And where? In a bag like me, or in your pockets?
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  2. Very cool.

    I tend to carry a deck of cards and a card clip.

    A few home made gaffs are usually shoved in the deck to some tricks of mine but otherwise not a lot.

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  3. Pretty cool to see what other people carry.

    I have no video but my everyday carry is; a deck of Bicycle cards with a red/blue gaff, if I have enough pockets I sometimes bring a random nicer deck, 2 sets of rubber bands on my wrist or in my pocket (one set for crazy man handcuffs and one for Stairway by Marcus Eddie), a paper clip, 3 or 4 50 cent pieces, some odds and end foreign coins in my pocket, my wedding ring, and sometimes a few silver dollars. Oh and of course a sharpie...using a gold one at the moment but prefer silver or red.

    I usually don't use a bag so I just have to use some pocket management. If I do have a bag because I am traveling or something I bring Airtight by Sankey (not my favorite but kids seem to like it), for sure bring a nicer deck and an extra bicycle, some extra gaffs for cards like Gone Deck and a couple double facers, a silk and handkerchief and extra rubber bands. Also if I am carrying a bag I usually bring some drinking water and some fruit if where I am going allows it, not for magic but to stay hydrated and eat.

    I might be in the minority here but I dislike sponge balls and don't carry them.
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  4. Yeah I used to carry them and call them "iPhone Cleaners", but Now like I said I prefer tissues and napkins.
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  5. If we're talking EDC, then: Wallet, phone, keys, Chap Stick, and two Walking Death coins from Dead on Paper (if I'm in jeans), and lately business cards, wedding ring.

    If I am going out as "The Witch Doctor" (ie: not just running errands or going to dinner with my wife) I'll also often wear a watch on the left wrist, and skull bead bracelets on the right wrist.

    That being said, I have focused on propless/suggestion based methods and routines for a long time partly because I'm a little OCD and I just can't stand having my pockets full of stuff. A single deck of cards is the most I can mentally stand to have in one pocket - more than that will literally distract me regularly because I'll notice it.

    So that's EDC - but if I'm doing something where I know I might perform (ie: casual get together, party, etc. not a gig) I'll usually bring backpack with various things in it. In that bag I'll bring the stuff for any routine I might consider performing, usually something I'm still working on the scripting/blocking for so I can test run it. Like, right now I'd probably take a Rubik's Cube and Free Will.
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  6. Same. Like I said I don’t even have my deck in my pocket. I keep it in my bag.
  7. I used to carry a bag every day but the older I get the more minimalist I get.
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  8. The only thing I carry with me is Inner Circle and that is just because it is always in my wallet. Might be a bad decision but I can't stand a lot in my pockets so the idea of a deck of cards in my pocket drives me nuts just thinking about it.
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  9. Same here pal.

    I usually carry a standard bicycle, or a nicer deck if I'm in the mood for cardistry for the day, a sharpie, a pair of french coins, some paper clips are always in my wallet (which I also carry with me at all times) a card reveal is inside the wallet, and if I'm feeling particularly magical, I might have an IT on me. But thats mostly for when I'm going to parties or dances where theres a lot of people I can talk to. I never carry a bag, I just hold everything inside my pockets. And, fun little fact, I am so used to the feel of playing cards in my pocket that I went and bought a cheap deck of plastic cards (that are standard size) so I can have them, and thus their familiar feeling and weight, in my pocket when I work out.
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  10. I always go out with a ring, elastic bands, deck of cards, flash paper, sharpie and real mans wallet with a couple of condoms inside for Justin Miller's circle of life
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  11. Suuure... that’s why you carry them;)
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  12. Usually, I just take around some rubber bands, a paperclip, the invisible deck and a regular bicycle deck with some duplicates in.

    Sometimes I'll take (prepared in a different colour box, etc) the set up for the colour changing deck. Also, I'll sometimes take a sharpie with me if I want to do the ACR and I also like to use other people's phones while I'm out and about too.

    Generally I don't have too much stuff so I use my pockets
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  13. For non magical items: My BMF leather wallet, phone (with Cypher) and a lighter (despite quitting smoking 3 years ago).

    I have Aberdeen thread twisted into a bracelet usually. It’s great because I don’t want to always carry props on me, especially cards.

    It makes those moments when a friend goes “hey do that card trick” even better when you pull off something that just looks like a neutral twine bracelet and organically are able to suspend disbelief. When I’m better with it, Odyssey will probably take its place.
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  14. Does everyone own that?!?
  15. Nope. But it is very common. Which is why I'm avoiding it.
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  16. I guess my photojournalism professor repeatedly saying how the best camera is the one you have on you at the time you need to take a photo has stuck with me as it pertains to carrying material on me for magic. Like some of you have shared already I try to keep my pockets empty (except for a phone, my keys, a regular minimal wallet, some pens/a sharpie) I do however have two "bags" I will use depending on where my day will take me, what I want to carry and what I want to work on in front of folks.

    I think it is called a Pro-Magic Carrier (Joshua Jay is the mind behind it) but it has room for two decks, some gaffs or packet tricks and a zippered pouch where you can store a few coins). I will carry this with me everywhere I go because of its minimal size, looks professional in aesthetic, and I can attach it to my belt and it doesn't affect movement. Currently it holds a close-up mentalism set I am practicing and honing so a few of the smaller effects will shift in and out as I fine-tune it but currently it holds:
    • the first slot holds a red bicycle deck, marked (very boldly marked and no one has ever noticed)
    • a couple of lists prepared using an older method that allows me to read a thought on a list of items I need to accomplish that day (whenever I think about how bold a mentalism effect I am working on needs me to be, I will pull out these lists and run through the effect a few times to practice being very bold; it reminds me of what you can get away with and no one suspects anything).
    • a small gift card envelope which holds an alternate color back card as a prediction for a couple of different effects (currently I am working on a few prop-less mentalism effects which utilize it)
    • the second deck slot holds another red bicycle deck (so I can make a switch) that is set up for a version of Omen I am working out the fine points on.
    • the pocket in the very front holds a torn out page from a paperback book for an effect by Michael Murray which I really enjoy; a couple of cards left over from Switch and Contact which I am looking to replace - maybe with Beyond ESP or maybe something I can use as stronger opener for the set; and then a few business cards
    I have a drop bag which I can attach to my leg allowing for a larger "show" if I feel like it but I originally picked it up for work as I got tired of bringing a backpack/briefcase each day.
    • room for a small paper back (or loose-leaf) book test, a couple of Rubik's cubes, also has two slots I can place decks, some envelopes for a free will type effect
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  17. With all of the attention Rubik's cubes have been getting on the _____ Got Talent shows (there have been at least two this year that I really enjoyed seeing) I worry about how long until this genre becomes "very common" and pushes me away as well - I try to stay away from those effects which become common in my neck of the woods; luckily the better ones are priced out of most hobbyists (I think currently) so I haven't seen it as much.
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  18. Nothing.

    ...kinda my wallet is a card to wallet wallet. I also carry lock picks in my wallet cause I'm cool like that. Sometimes I'll wear an extra ring and my backpack or car always has a deck of cards. Sometimes I'll put a coin in my pocket or a rubber band around my wrist.

    When asked to do a trick I do a super hero anagram, I tell them the day of the week they were born, I do a lie detector test, or I do my original pin code divination. It's killer by the way ;) I also have a bunch of hyno magic that I perform out and about.
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  19. Talk about clearing up pocket space.
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  20. Your telling me!
    Man, empty pockets just feels wrong to me. But hey! If thats how you like it, then go for it bro!
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