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  1. Hello magical friends, a little big question, does anyone know of an effect similar to Alan Rorrison's EVP, but what works by not recording on phones, but can pass the sound to the espectators ear by touching his temple?, Or does anyone know if EVP works this way too?

    Thank you and magical greetings.
  2. Rorrison's EVP will definitely not work that way.

    If the sound being transferred via just touching someone's temple is an absolute requirement, I'm afraid I don't know of anything that can do that.

    The closest I know of is using a bone conduction speaker. You could get almost that exact visual, but the speaker itself has to be held against a bone, generally by holding it against the back of the head.

    There are several products on the magic market that are different versions of this. In ascending price: Alien Mind Reading, TISH, CEREBRO, .... and one that I always forget the name of. Stars with an "I" I think.

    Alien Mind Reading requires a Bluetooth connection to a device to place the audio. TISH has several options, some can use an SD card, some are BT only. I don't know CEREBRO's restrictions because it's $1200 and that's way too much for me. The other one is around $1500.
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  3. First of all, thanks for your reply. Cerebro is very expensive, it is also discontinued.

    Maybe I made a mistake, I think I confused the effect of EVP with Cerebro.

    What I am looking for is to transmit a word to the spectator in a "silent" way, this just by touching it, more specifically, I want that by touching the spectator, he will hear in his head my voice or a voice that says something to him.

    So I investigated from Cerebro this fits perfectly.

    Alien Mind Reading sounds good, but according to what I have read, it is not transmitted by touch as the Cerebro does.

    For your comment I think you have Alien, how does it work to transmit a word to a espectator?, Is it reliable in shows?, Is it worth the investment, or will it be thrown into the drawer of useless magic?

    Thank you so much again.
  4. Cerebro wouldn't have transmitted the sound via touch. The speaker was just cleverly hidden and they make it look like it's the finger. This technology doesn't really work unless the speaker itself is against the head.

    You can achieve the same visual with Alien Mind Reading or TISH. Those are both basically the same thing in different configurations.

    For Alien Mind Reading - It does what it says it will do. The sound is transmitted to the device via Bluetooth, and then the person hears it in their head. It's very interesting to experience.

    I have not used TISH but the basic configuration does the same thing. The difference being that the palm-able version can use an SD card or Bluetooth. So the sound file can be stored in the device itself and no Bluetooth is required. There's a thumb tip version that is Bluetooth by default but I've seen them post that they can do a custom thumb tip version that can use an SD card.

    So the way this technology works is it vibrates the bones and that transmits the sound directly to the ears. As long as the bone conduction speaker is firmly touching the head, it sounds the same regardless of whether it's at the forehead, top of the head, back, or sides.
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  5. Again, thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay in mine, I was experimenting before posting an answer.

    I bought a few days ago a bone conduction bluethoot earphone, and I do not know if it varies the model or there are qualities, but for the sound to come the device must be close to the ears, try from the neck as in the Mariano demo and not accomplish nothing.

    I just wanted to do a test before launching to invest 250 dollars in something that I do not know (I decided on the Alien).

    In your opinion, how clear is the sound experienced by the audience? And if I work in a noisy environment, will it be heard? I work a lot in walk-around situations like weddings and there is almost always noise from the music.

    Thank you very much again. Magic greetings!
  6. The few models of bone-conduction earphones I've tried were not great. I think price really plays a factor there. The cheaper ones just don't have the proper set up to clearly transmit sound.

    The original purpose of Alien Mind Reading wasn't to put audio into someone else's head, it was a secret information transmitting device. Meaning the performer is using it on themselves to hear what the volunteer has selected. In the trailers when you see Mariano in his "thinking" pose where he has his hand on his jaw, that's when he's using it, and it's against his jaw.

    If you're using it on someone else they will likely be able to hear it in a fairly loud environment. Because it doesn't work like a normal speaker, per se - it's basically vibrating their skull and the little bones in the ear. As long as you have the volume correct, and you will have to adjust it for each venue most likely, it sounds like it's coming from inside your head. Kind of trippy, really.

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