Exciting new release ! Chardshark DVD !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daniel Chard, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. QAs the title states ‘Chardshark’ is the title of my debut DVD project! by no means is the The title supposed to sound portentous just a mear play on words

    The material is hard hitting , visual and totally practical. Inspired by the bucks, robbie Moreland, the tsd guys the list goes on :)

    Here’s the link!


    Thanks for reading

    Daniel chard
  2. That stuff is SICK SICK SICK. Loved it! Great video and music.
  3. Very cool, man! Looks like an awesome product with great routines!
  4. Brilliant. Loved it, and what a coincidence that I've been taking most of my close up magic the same direction. Very excited for this, congratulations on your release
  5. Thanks for your kind responses guys! Yeah man my magic had gone down this route and it's the best move I've made! :) still love flourishes and technical card magic, but for me it's trying to find the right balance! :) the release date is going to be the 5th of may but I will provide more information nearer the time :)

    Kind regards

    Daniel chard
  6. Very similar to my style of magic! I think I will check this one out. Great looking Demo as well.
  7. The Demo looks great! You seem like a Great performer. I have already shared your video with two of my friends. Im defiantly looking forward to this dvd!
  8. Doesn't seem like there's any new material here, just very bold handlings of old effects. Strikes me as a twin of Handle with Carey but different material obviously.

    It looks decent for someone who's new to magic but can't say I'm excited by it.
  9. Most of those moves are already in my repertoire but that doesn't mean just learning repertoires isn't valuable. I knew all but about two sleights Benjamin Earl taught in Past Midnight and yet that is still one of my favorite DVD sets. So even guys who have studied card magic for over a decade are capable of getting excited about fresh takes on old plots and old moves.
  10. Thanks man I admire your honesty! The trailer only shows 2 out of 10 routines so it's quite difficult to get an idea of all the material :) however sayings its a duplicate of handle with Carey is a compliment as he is one of my inspirations and someone I've sessions with a lot , so he has had a profound influence on developing some material.

    Theirs hardly anything new being released, however I feel I've added worthy improvements to these effects which are worth sharing, a you'll see by the reactions they all get great reactions . I'll post a link of one of my favourite effects!

    Thanks for your feedback though guys means a lot! As their is some serious talent on this board

    Kind regards

    Daniel chard
  11. Dan's a great guy. And Russ Stevens is an amazing producer/filmer. Sounds like a winning combination to me.
  12. With the release of my debut DVD 'Chardshark' less than a few days a way, thought it would be a good time to showcase more material


    Thanks to Russ for making this happen, the support from lee smith, Chris Congreve, John Carey and Stephen leathwaite .

    If you want to pick up a copy PM me for more information!

    Kind regards

    Daniel chard

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