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    Hey guys,

    I just got exile on Monday and I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now. My question is how do you guys store that "special something"? I stored mine in a ziploc bag and it still dried up. Any ideas?

    - EyeOfDeception
  2. Borderline revealing,
    I don't own exile and I'm kinda figuring it out from your post.
  3. I agree...borderline. But I'll answer anyway.

    I had the same problem and still havn't quite figured out how to keep it realy nice but just make sure there is no air in the bag and it's completely sealed. Sorry for the obvious advice but I'm not sure what else you can do.
  4. let it there where it is from the beginning!
  5. This was a bit hard to do but I will tell you what I did.

    You know how you got 4 of the main gimmick, well you know how the instructions tell you to cut closest to the white :) well cut on the first blue one really careful and do it on a place whe you wont stain stuff just in case the thing that they told you will happen happens... then you will see a clear devider throw that away and now the smaller half the one with the blue tip try to take out the blue tip it's hard i know i even cut my self doing it with a jiffy cutter but then when you take it out make sure you have a nice even side on the gimmick half and the blue tip should fit perfectly and then just add crazy glue around it to make sure the blue tip wont come off and just in case you cut to close to the gimmick well just cut part of the gimmick to make room for the blue tip, if you have eXile you know what i'm talking about and then to perform just carry it... it will be small and easy to carrry and when you want to perform instead of squeezing the gimmick simply rub the tip of how it came from the white side.

    I dont think I crossed the borther but if I did.... Moderater feel free to delete this.

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