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    hey guys I have question it would be great if it could be answered by the t11 staff my question is. Last night I ordered exile from hank lee because they had it and I was buying something else. So I figured I would save some money on shipping so I purchased it and it said it would be sent out on October 10 my question is will it actually be sent out on October tenth or will it be sent out when they recieve it from theory 11. So basically am I going to have to wait longer to recieve it becuase they have to recieve theirs or do they already have them on the day of release. Thanks adam p.s this message was typed on an itouch sorry about punctuation and spacing on and this question applys to lit I
  2. from my knowledge

    I would assume they would have to recieve their stock from Theory 11 first.
  3. Anybody please?
  4. I guess this is my department.

    Our retailers will be receiving eXile after it is released, just like everyone else who have pre-ordered the effect.

    So long story short, chances are you will have to wait a few days after October 10th.

    Hope this helps.


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