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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by JoshDestroys, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. This is my first review of a product on here, and I felt like I should post a review of this product because I felt a little let down by it. Now, don't get me wrong, this effect looked amazing on the Blaine special, and I believe it is great thinking...but in my opinion, just doesn't work in the real world.

    The DVD is great quality, which is expected, and the extras are all included, as well as my free deck of Guardians from the pre order...(thanks theory11) The thinking behind the effect is genius too...


    My main problem with this effect is that it's not a reliable effect. It plays out a bit different everytime...and I've always had problems with those kind of effects.
    For the ad on the product page to say that you lift the quarter to see 3 perfect X's is a bit of stretch. I've worked this in my room over and over, on my own hand and a couple of friends, and I have never lifted the quarter to see 3 perfect X's.
    I also feel that some of the extras that are needed to perform the trick are a bit off. They just don't play out that well.

    I guess I can't say much more without exposing things...and I'm not trying to expose the effect. Like I said before, great thinking on this one...just not practical for me. For the people that are getting great results with this...props to you guys. For everyone else, that like real workers, effects that pack small and play BIG...double think this one.

  2. Josh,

    Check your PM's - I sent you some specific tips that should resolve the issue you mentioned having. All in all - this is an extremely reliable effect. DB traveled the country for over a year performing it for all races, ages, genders, and regions - and the reactions were incredible.

    As you mentioned, the method to eXile is different, to say the least. To put it mildly, it's brilliant - but it does take some practice and experimentation to perfect. With practice though, I'm 100% confident you'll find this to be a practical, very visual, very iconic effect in your arsenal. Enjoy - and if you should need any further assistance with anything, do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. Well, I would tend to agree. The effect hasn't been reliable for me either, and as such I now leave out the quarter completely. The thinking is brilliant though. J, I sent you a PM.
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    I have to agree with Josh.

    I've been playing with Exile for a little while now, and I'm just not finding it to be consistent in how it plays out. The method for getting the X's onto the palm end up looking like what it is. I consider myself a pretty darn crafty person, and I've made the gimmick 3 times, and the X's that turn up never look solid, or much like the X's originally drawn. Im also finding the removal of the Xs to be a bit inconsistent.

    I also don't like how you have to do the set-up in secret and then only have 2 minutes--from that point--to get the effect going with a spectator. The other option--setting up in front of the spectator--just doesn't work for me either. Telling your spectators that you're drawing on your hand a "premonition" before you begin the effect just doesn't make sense to me. A premonition is only impressive if it's something you don't have control over. Writing down "I'm going to put a quarter into a soda can" and then doing so doesn't really make sense as a premonition, and neither does using this concept for Exile. Also, without exposing anything, when you pass a coin from one hand to the other, the coin is going to end up with the opposite down. Trying to keep the coin from turning over while passing it is going to either look fidgety or be inconsistent.

    Brilliant thinking on the effect, and I can see why it worked well for Blaine's special, but I'm just not feeling this effect is practical enough. If anyone (JB?) has any tips or notes addressing the issues presented above, and wouldn't mind sharing them, I'd greatly appreciate it, because right now I'm about to file Exile into the "just not practical" section of magic chest.

  5. It is brilliant thinking, but it also is unreliable too...

    I have practiced many, many times but to no avail. The Xs are always faded or not right, even when I do it about 3 seconds after the reset.

    Maybe my pen is messed up? I think it might be. The Xs I draw are kinda faded too, but I don't think it is supposed to look like it did on the DB special.

    So, yeah. Great idea, and I might try and use the bonus idea, but other than that I feel a bit let down too.

    I could maybe try a new pen or something, but I am going to do a review of my own in a couple of days.
  6. I'm glad that some people feel the same way I do, and I'm not nuts in getting this trick to work.

    Everything you said in your post is spot on. Ive also made the gimmick three times, almost four, trying something different each time I do it, and it still just doesn't produce X's that look believable. I also feel that the removal of the X's is quite inconsistent too. It's just kind of a toss up everytime.
    The set up in secret is also a disturbing factor for me. You can't walk up to a group of spectators in a bar or party atmosphere, do some card tricks, and then pull out a pen and do exile. I agree that the other presentation of making a premonition, just doesn't fly. Bayme wrote me and said that he believes thats a strong point of the effect, is being able to set up in front of the spectator...I however strongly disagree. It doesn't make sense, and sets the spectator up for what is going to happen, which in my opinion, makes the effect even weaker. And yes...once the coin is ready to go, forget about handling it in any way other than dropping it on the spectators hand.
    I'll PM you what JB sent me as far as his tips for exile, but I am still putting this one in the "Can't use" / "not real life practical" category of my magic.

    Seems like there are more people coming forward that dislike how this effect plays out in the real world. I'm glad ya spoke up, and I look forward to reading your review of this effect.

  7. i agree exile is going into the junk drawer.... I may perform the bonus trick though
  8. Man that is such a shame. This trick was going into my ultimate street magic pile that I was going to spend my birthday money on, but after reading this thread Im majorly rethinking it, sadly. It's just not on these forums as well, I've heard negative things elsewhere. This was like my number 1 choice as well. GRR
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    I too agree with Exitmat in everything except the removal of the X's. I've had no problems removing the X but in my private discussion group the removal of the X seems to be a problem because of the inconsistency of the "stuff".

    Everything else you said, from the setting up "premonition" not making sense, to the time to get it onto the spectator's palm (for me its less than a 2 minute window), to the awkward handling of the quarter...this effect was definitely not what it was advertised to be in the real world.

    I know that JB said that DB performed it all over the country with great reactions and I'm sure he did...but I think what we're not seeing is that he had some people around him to help with the "handling" and "setup" and he did not have to deal with what we're dealing with.

    It really is an ingenious effect, but individually it's a not too practical.
  10. I actually was able to do a couple test runs with eXile. The first time I performed it for someone, I was able to set it up right next to her while we were talking with our group of friends. The Xs came off and the revelation under the coin came out pretty clear, though it was a little faded. Later that day, I performed it for another friend. The second time, the Xs did not come off right away even after reapplying "the stuff" numerous times during performance and the Xs under the coin did not show up very clearly at all. So as of right now, I succeeded once and failed once. I feel that it's definitely too soon to tell, but based on my one good and one bad experience and what all of you are saying, I'm really starting to question the consistency of eXile.
  11. Is it like a knacky type trick ?

  12. Not exactly. You know how their are certain effects that you can perfect if you practice it enough? (ie: D+M's Aces) However, this isn't one of those. If you practice you can get your delivery and performance solid...which is the case with any effect...but a couple of the materials are inconsistent and the set up is not too practical. Those things practice cannot improve.

    Its still an effect you can perform in certain situations, but you've got to be ready to do it and the situation has to ideal for you to do the moves. What I said probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I don't want to expose the method.
  13. It's been a mixed bag with me as well. The effect is awesome, you just have to be careful and generate your own nick nacks for it.

    for instance I ask someone if they are left or right handed and then look at there hand. First people I perform this for was my mother who it worked perfectly for, not a big reaction or anything but I did it perfectly. Then I did it to my brother, who is someone I can trust to practice on.

    My brother has callus' all over his hands which makes the removal of the X's difficult. I would recommend inspecting the persons hand real quick before performing or do what I do and stick with doing this to women since most of them keep their hands rather neat and tidy.

    otherwise me likes:p because its intimate and I like to flirt. bwahaha
  14. I dont think that this effect really is that practical. Sure David Blaine used it with great succes but if you watch the special you can se that he asks for a quarter and it looks like someone behind the camera hands him the coin. So he does not have to do what we have to do and in those situations it works great probably.
  15. Exile was a let down for me.
  16. Wow...I still am going to buy this, but with all the negativity and only 2 min to set up then you must perform!!!!! Yikes...I thought theory11 was produciong magic that just didnt look cool but was practical too, something we would use everyday...hmm.
  17. Ok guys, I got off the phone with J. Bayme and we were discussing some problems with eXile.

    We came up with a solution, which is very cool and SUPER helpful.

    You guys who bought eXile should recieve an email from J.B. not to far from now (tonight).

    You will like this solution, as I did, and it will make this trick a ton more reliable.

    Oh, and a quick thanks to J.B. for allowing me to help.
  18. Crap...I ordered my copy of eXile through MJMMagic because it was sold out here. Is there a way I can get this super special info from JB?
  19. It's vital to all of us here at theory11 that you guys know that we stand behind everything we produce. When we say that - it's not just a shallow promise. It's a reality that we have no hesitation in fulfilling at any moment. Over the past week, I have responded to every single question that hit my PM inbox about eXile. We want you guys to learn, love, and USE every effect you buy from us, and as such - if it takes some support after purchase, we are here to help, 24/7.

    Many of the issues that came up were covered in the DVD. Some asked why their X's weren't vanishing completely - to which the solution is just using a little more of "that special something." Some people had trouble getting the pen to write smoothly - this issue is resolved by just scribbling with it for a few minutes. Because it's a brand new pen, you have to get the ink flowing before it will write smoothly. These issues were very easy to resolve and both are covered in the eXile DVD.

    But one question left me puzzled - why the X's were not re-appearing vividly, clearly, boldly at the end of the effect. In all of my testing, Mathieu Bich's performances, Dan White's experience, and David Blaine's cross country eXile adventures - the problem never came up. I was perplexed. And I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

    This morning I woke up at 8:00am and began some experimentation. I tested over 15 different possible solutions with the help of Bryant from theory11 support, and after hours of acting like a mad scientist - we found the answer. We tested the solution 15 times - and each time the X's appeared extremely crisp, clear, and vivid. To corroborate my findings, I personally called 3 forum members that posted in this thread. I told them my hypothesis, our possible solution, and asked them to help us test it. I can happily now report that I just got off the phone with Chris (popchris3), and our results were unanimous - it works. I also just spoke with Josh (the creator of this forum thread), who will test the solution soon.

    So what is this magical resolution, you ask? It's as simple as can be. And we'll do whatever we can to make sure every member that has experienced this issue knows how to fix it. If you have purchased eXile from theory11, check your email now and the solution will be in hand. If you purchased eXile from another retailer and have this issue, simply submit a support ticket and our crew will make sure you get fixed up. All eXiles shipped from this point further will not have this issue. The solution is VERY simple - we should have thought of it before - but I'm extremely glad that we can now confirm this as resolved.
  20. Thank you so very much. I've now been convinced to buy it. Thanks for your help in this thread and via pm

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